You Will Definitely Relate To These Things If You’re Too Obsessed With Your Car


Everyone has their own quirks and obsessions, but some of us have fallen way too deep into it. One of such obsessions is the love for one’s car! You’ll clean it, wax it, pamper it, give it a nickname, do everything you would do to a person you love. It is basically a person for you, just not a real person for the world.

If you’re one of those obsessive car lovers who cannot let go of their love for their car, here’s something you would love to read and will certainly relate to:

You plan your trips because you want to drive the car, not drive the car because you want to go on a trip.


You invite friends to your drives with the condition that “koi car me khana nahi khayega please”.


You abstain from drinking at most of the parties because you can’t see somebody else driving. You’d rather give up on free drinks, than letting some stupid drive your baby.

You drink I driveSource

So the second most important condition is “drive main hi karoonga.”

Only I will driveSource

You’re often seen with your car, either cleaning, or driving it, or sometimes just looking at it.

Always seen with carSource

You know no other mode of commute now, if you’re going somewhere, you’re going by car.


Your friends are aware of your love for your car and they respect it because they don’t want to die.


You always try to first solve all problems by yourself rather than giving your beloved car to some mechanic.


And so you have all tools and equipment to repair, clean, and pamper a car.


You often think of business ideas wherein you clean and pamper cars. And your social media is full of things like this:


Your weekends are reserved for your alone time with your car, more than with your girlfriend.


You may not remember your wedding anniversary but you never forget the day you got your car!


You have spent more on car accessories and in-car air fresheners than on your own clothing.


And you’ve washed it more than you’ve bathed in your entire life.


You park so far away from other cars that it’s humanly impossible to remove any car from that parking lot and scratch your baby even slightly.

Parking too farSource

When you must park your car somewhere unfamiliar, you panic while leaving it there, it kills you to leave your baby in an unknown place.


You look back at least once while walking away from ‘her’.

Looking back one last timeSource

You have 10 different kinds of wipes for the car, including an interior-friendly wipe, although you don’t have enough clothes to wear, because…

No clothes, too many car wipesSource

The easiest way to make you do something is to relate it to driving.

Anything to driveSource

When it stops at the signal, you start comparing it with other cars and feel proud of owning this one.


So how many of these car OCD things could you relate to? Share it with your car lover friends! :)

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