From Flying In The Sky To Diving In The Ocean, You Have To Try These Adventure Sports In Maharashtra


Adventure sports is one of those things that doesn’t just get the blood pumping, but also opens doors to experiences that can change your life. This is one thing that can get you addicted, and for a change, this addiction is something that will make you feel alive without causing the usual damage. So, if you’re in the beautiful state of Maharashtra and if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then you have to try these amazing adventure sports for sure. Get going!

Paragliding: Take off from the majestic mountain of Maharashtra

The western ghats of Maharashtra and Sahyadri hills make the perfect take off spot for the perfect glide. Paragliding in Maharashtra is an absolutely bliss. You get to view some of the most picturesque terrains along with historic forts.


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Scuba Diving: Explore the underwater world of magical creatures.

There can be nothing more amazing than exploring a world that lives and breathes underwater. Scuba diving in the serene waters of Maharashtra is just what all you water babies are looking out for. There are numerous options provided by certified scuba instructors making this sport extremely safe.

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River-Rafting: Ride the tide!

Love riding the tides? Or looking for some adrenaline rush? If you love both these things and are up for some adventure, the river-rafting in the gushing waters of Maharashtra is just the thing for you.


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Hot air ballooning: Go on a hot air balloon date.

Fly high in the sky on a romantic hot air balloon overlooking the gorgeous terrains of Maharashtra. This is an ideal way to go on a romantic and yet adventurous date. However, you can opt for this activity with your friends as well as family.

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Bungee Jumping: Jump into a pool of possibilities.

If you adore heights and if risking a bit doesn’t scare you, Bungee jumping is what you should be doing for sure. Maharashtra provides you with a great opportunity to bungee jump and feel the rush. Lonavala is somewhere you can bungee jump amidst beautiful views.

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Sailing: Sail in the winds.

Imagine wind spurting in your hair with some splashes of water in the mighty Arabian Sea on the coast of Mumbai. Thanks to the long stretch of coast, Mumbai offers the best opportunity to sail in the perfect water and weather.


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Wildlife Safaris: Go wild on these wildlife safaris.

The state of Maharashtra is blessed with nature’s bounty. Right from diverse flora to a huge variety of wild
animals, this state has it all, and they deserved to be explored in its rawest form. You can chose from Salim Ali bird sanctuary, to Melghat tiger reserve to many more.

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Trekking: Explore the mountains.

The mountain ranges in Maharashtra are a trekker’s delight. With ample of forts to trek at, you will never have a dull moment. You can start from treks like Shivneri fort trek and Lohagad fort trek that are perfect for beginners.


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Camping: Go on a camping expedition.

There is so much to explore when it comes to Maharashtra, right from mountains to dense forests to rivers and blissful lakes, this state has it all. And the best way to explore this variety of topography is by going on camping expeditions. You can camp near Bhandardhara Lake and star gaze like never before, or at one of the wildlife sanctuaries to experience the wonders of nature.


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Waterfall Rappelling: Rappel your way down.

Waterfall Rappelling is one of the lesser tried adventure sports in India, however its gaining popularity in the recent times due to the adrenaline rush it provides. You won’t just rappel your way down but will also get an opportunity to do so while the waterfall is gushing with water.

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