These Are The Absolute Worst Things You Can Do To Middle Class People


So there are rich people, there are poor people, and then there are middle class people, the ones who are neither rich, nor poor. This is that class of people which is not as rich as rich people but has to maintain their status because they’re not even poor. Most of us fall under this sad category and have to cope with the ill-effects that come along. So this is an honest request – please do not do the below 22 things to us, because we’re already suffering.

1. Start a torrent when they’re trying to watch a YouTube or Hotstar video.

YouTube bufferingSource

2. Leave the tap on shower mode.

Accidental ShowerSource

3. Throw a Zara carry bag saying “ye ab kya kaam aayega?”

Throw a Zara bagSource

4. Oh, and take them to Zara for shopping when there’s absolutely no sale on.

Take them to zaraSource

5. Ask them to chip in for a really expensive gift.

Ask them to chip in for giftSource

6. More so when the gift is for someone who gave nothing on their birthday last year. :D

gift to non gifterSource

7. Forgetting to mention “no gifts please” on your invitation card.

Invite with giftSource

8. Ask them to not preserve a gift wrap from the gift they recently received.

Gift wrapperSource

9. Suggest them to buy a song on amazon when they’re looking for it on for free.

Buy on AmazonSource

10. Pester them to go to Starbucks when they’ve planned to go to a decent Café Coffee Day.


11. Have a discussion on film piracy when they’re around.

Film PiracySource

12. To not allow them to ask for ‘sookha poori’ from the gol gappe wale bhaiya.

No sookha pooriSource

13. Eat with them and forget splitting bills.

Not splitting billSource

14. Use their sticky notes without asking for permission.

Using sticky notesSource

15. Tell them you don’t want to order anything and then take more than 3 spoons from their bhel.

eating their bhelSource

16. Borrow a ‘dry-clean’ only dress and return it with a gravy spot.

Gravy on dressSource

17. Ask them for a plastic bag from their precious collection of plastic bags.

plastic bag collectionSource

18. And for a rubber band from their rubber band collection of rubber bands.

Rubber bandsSource

19. Borrow tomatoes from them and never return them.


20. Take their mom’s Tupperware and forget about it.


21. And return it empty when you return it after asking.

Empty TupperwareSource

22. And finally, call them to your house and not give them the wi-fi password.

no wifiSource

So if you want your middle class friends to be happy, don’t ever do all this, and if you’re one of us suffering from all this, share this with your friends to let them know.

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