This Is Exactly What Happens When Guests Come Over In An Indian Household


They come with a lot of noise and go with double the noise, they’re called the Indian guests. They’ll bring mithai along, and show off their kids’ achievements, they’ll witness you dance like a fool when your mom tells you “Chintu, aunty uncle ko wo naya wala dance kar ke dikha jo tune TV se seekha hai”. They’ll sip on the tea your mom made and you served, and they’ll take an hour to leave, saying “Bas ab nikalte hain” a hundred times, while you keep telling them, “Arre thoda aur baitho na itne din baad aaye ho.” 

Here is just what happens when guests visit an Indian household:

1. No matter how the bedrooms and store rooms look, the living room and kitchen will shine like Ambani’s house.

Living Room is the CleanestSource

2. “Beta uncle ko namaste karo”, because no matter how undeserving the ‘uncle’ must be, ‘namaste’ to banta hai na.


While remembering the last time they came, what I really want to say is:

Bad guestsSource

3. If, god forbid, the guests are relatives of your mom or dad, you have to go on a ‘feet touching’ spree.

Feet TouchingSource

4. And then begins the typical “Arre iski kya zaroorat thi…” thing when the guest hands your mom or dad a pack of sweets or ice cream.

Meanwhile this is you, inside:

guests bring mithaiSource

5. You don’t even take a seat at first, because you know as soon as you sit down your mom will say “arre Bittu, beta pani to pila”, followed by “chai bana dein”, and “arey Bittu chai chadhai hai dekh lena,” sending Bittu to kitchen for what seems like eternity to Bittu.


6. That is the day when you get to see some new kind of snack that you didn’t have any idea about until the guests came.

New snacksSource

7. If they’re coming over for lunch or dinner, at least one person from your house spends their whole day in the kitchen.

always in kitchenSource

8. And you get to know that your mom also buys that star shaped ‘masala’, only when it comes uninvited in your ‘Paneer Butter Masala’.


9. You hear voices of, “arey abhi aapne khaya hi kya hai bhaisaahab”, and “abhi to mithai baki hai, aise kaise chalega, ek chapatti aur garma garam”.


10. And you realize that your mom makes the boring dudhi and tinda only for you, while reserving all her 5-star chef-like culinary skills for the guests.

Mom's Culinary SkillsSource

11. Oh, and how can you forget the ‘Guest only’ dinner set, that comes out as rarely as the Blue Moon does, because your mom is super attached to and paranoid about you breaking them, and which the ‘bai’ cannot wash, because you know.


12. Just when they’re about to leave (finally, after an hour of “bas ab chalte hain” and “arey abhi kahaan, thodi der aur baithiye na”), you’ll once again be asked for some glasses of water.


13. And if they’re relatives, the most awkward thing (most awkward, followed by second most awkward which is when dad fights with some uncle in a restaurant to pay the bill and the waiter has no idea whom to take the cash from) will happen just before they leave.

Aunty: “ye lo beta” (hands you 500 rupee note)
Your Mom: “Arey nahi ye nahi please bhabhiji”
Aunty again: “Ohho main to bachho ko de rahi hoon aap mat beech me bolo”
Meanwhile you (thinking to yourself): “Please mom lene do na 500 rupaye!”

Guests give moneySource

14. In fact, for you that is the best part of guests coming over!

When guests give moneySource

15. And the, of course, you again go on a feet touching trip, because Sanskar.

Touching FeetSource

16. Oh, and how can we not let the neighbourhood know we had guests, so we’ll all (family of 4) go outside till the main gate to of our house to see them off, “Achha fir aana, beta aunty ko bye bolo”, “bas ab ki baar aap aaiye, dinner humare ghar”.

Seeing Off Guests

17. And as soon as they leave, we jump on the ‘nashta’ plates like hungry chimpanzees as if we have never seen a good snack in our lives!


Share this with your friends and family if you found it relatable. Keep having those lovely guests, and keep enjoying the mehman nawaazi!

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