If You Break Down Every Time You Say Goodbye, This Article Is Just For You


Moist eyes, drowning voice, and a heavy heart, if this is how you say goodbye, all my consolation is with you because I know how hard it must be for you to say goodbye. You have told yourself a hundred times how stupid it is to be cribbing at the airport when they’re leaving, and that you’ve grown up now and you can handle all this. But deep inside, only you know how difficult it is to say that little word, “bye”. Even if you know you’re going to meet them again and it’s not a permanent goodbye, does it make saying goodbye any less hard?

Here is something you will totally relate to, because I know how you feel.

Your goodbyes are mostly accompanied by tears and if it’s day time you will be found wearing your shades.

goodbye makes you crySource

Sometimes you unintentionally become clingy and try to stop them from leaving.

Clingy goodbyeSource

When loved ones are leaving, you’re most probably nowhere to be found, as you’re locked somewhere in the bathroom crying.

Crying aloneSource

You have devised better words for this sad thing called bye, like ‘see you later’, ‘I’ll come back soon’, or ‘okay, then’.

devised better wordsSource

You sometimes even hang up on the phone without saying bye, and end up being judged as ‘rude’.

hanging up without saying goodbyeSource

It becomes even more difficult when you’re not good at expressing as you end up being angry about unrelated things.

angry at unrelated thingsSource

Or may be just not responding to them at that point of time but behaving kiddish later.

behave kiddishSource

A day or two before they go, you start distancing yourself from them.

distancing yourself from themSource

It is very hard for you to accept that things won’t be the same after saying goodbye.

very hard to acceptSource

And no one gets it that even though you’re going to see them again, it doesn’t make it any easier for you to say bye.

goodbye is never easySource

Goodbye hugs are just not your thing. You just can’t take so many emotions.

not a huggerSource

You mostly try to leave at a time when most people are not home, so that you don’t have to say goodbye.

leave when nobody is thereSource

When you were younger, you couldn’t help but act needy just before they were about to go.


You used to make impractical plans regarding how the whole family and all your friends can stay together forever and no one has to go.

making impractical plansSource

Now you have grown up and usually manage to act normal outside, but something breaks inside every time you say goodbye.

acting normal outsideSource

You just don’t understand why it is so hard for you to say goodbye, but then it is a fact, you just can’t. :(

you don't understand the reasonSource

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