What Using Tinder In India Is Actually Like


What Happens When Behind The Screen Person Is In Front Of You.

Everybody is raving about the Tinder app. It’s become extremely popular in a very short time.

Tinder is a more relationship-based app or probably more like let’s meet up and have sex. It’s the fastest and one of the most convenient ways to get laid.

So basically girls/guys flip through profiles *judge them* and I’m talking about heavy judging here and try to find their love match. They try to build a conversation and if things work out, they catch up for coffee.

You can call it like the better or the worse version of dating online.

Here are some re-enactments that are based on true stories by Anubav Pal. Shows you what happens when reel life meets reality.

You can call Tinder the better or the worse version of dating online.

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