What If All Your Dreams Came True?


If you came here thinking I’d give you some brilliant ‘working’ ideas to earn more money and get married and be happy forever, I’d like to tell you, “In Your Dreams!” :P

Because I’m here to tell you how it’d feel if all your weird dreams came true. Remember how you see strange dreams where you reach school for an exam when everyone else has is leaving? Or where you’re falling from somewhere super high and can’t stop because the dream won’t end?

Hah! Caught you! So are you ready for the ride? Read ahead and get the chills of your dreams in bright daylight. :D

1. Falling from a height

This must be the commonest of all, in dreams, but what if it actually happens?

2. Naked Dreams

This includes oddly dressed, partly dressed, undressed, and even Shoeless! I don’t care what it “signifies” but this dreaded category of dreams doesn’t feel good! And well, for some people it is ACTUALLY the reality.

3. Meeting faceless people

Imagine how it would be if someone you know becomes faceless, and you keep trying to recognize them all day long!

4. Getting late for an exam

You’ll be freaking out because the time’s getting over and you’re still at home! And to add to it, you haven’t studied a word…Common, right? Only this time it’s not just a dream…

5. Sitting in the exam hall, clueless

You think this is a dream and want to wake yourself up and say, “You’re grown up now, you have a job!” But it’s somehow an actual exam, and you ARE CLUELESS! Enjoy!

6. Forgetting your makeup

Now you have to go to a party, and you look like this:

Won’t you call it a nightmare come true?

7. Dream in a dream in a dream (in short, inception?)

Well, when things go wrong while everything is already into ruins, you might want to call it real life setup of the movie ‘Inception’. ;)

8. When you just can’t Run!

You’ll move your legs, but reach nowhere! Frustrating, isn’t it? It’s like running on the treadmill but it’s not!

9. The one that you can relate to, in reality!

And at times you won’t know if the dream was reality or the reality was a dream. Odd!

10. Dreaming future

So one fine day, you look into the mirror, and find an old man/lady, and realize it’s you, grown old, and 15 years have passed. Future you see, it is!

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