This Jawan Shows The Kind Of Food They Get, And It’s Not Just Sad But Deplorable


So we are super proud of our country’s army, aren’t we? They spend their days and nights in the toughest conditions in order to keep us safe, and so that we can sleep peacefully. But do you think in return of their humongous favours and sacrifices they’re getting the treatment they’re worthy of?

NO. A BIG FAT NO. Forget good treatment, they’re not even getting a good meal for the day.

Very recently, a BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav from the 29th battalion in Jammu & Kashmir posted 4 videos showing how they’re being served unpalatable food.

Though the video is going viral already, we share it as we think it needs to reach where it is meant to.

Here’s the first video where the jawan describes how bad the condition is. He even concludes the first video saying how he might not remain after this as the ‘higher ups can do anything after this goes out.’ According to the video, the government provides for all the requirements but the senior officials sell it all off, after which the jawans only get  ‘jale hue parathe with chai’ for breakfast, and ‘haldi aur namak wali dal aur roti’ for main course.

Here are the 4 videos in continuation wherein jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav tells how pathetic the condition is for the jawans.

Tell me, how can we expect those jawans to serve their duty eating what you won’t even give to your servants? How can we expect they will stand for 11-12 hours a day in the hot, the cold, day, and night, without getting even the basic human necessities? HOW?

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