Ultimate Foodgasm: Street Food At Mohammad Ali Road


It’s Ramazan again! Ramzan, the holy month for the Muslims is all about prayers, fun and festive. And food. Who can forget food? This time of the year, you will get to eat some of the most delicious food dishes. Go to any Muslim’s place, you will find all kind of delicacies at Iftar. And if you want more, the best place to go is Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai. It’s an area that NEVER shuts down during Ramzan. The best time is go during the night and explore all the possible eateries there and trust me you will not regret it.

But out of the many options available there, what is the best place and best dish to eat? Well, let me help you with that.

Mawa Shahi Tukda

It tastes just as yum as it looks. Full of mawa (Khoya, like many call it) and including bread and milk, this will definitely satiate your sweet tooth. Suleman Usman Mithaiwala makes the best ones.

Shahi Tukda

Chicken Tikka

If you are a chicken lover and more like a boneless chicken lover, this is something you just can’t miss.  Marinated in red spice paste and then barbequed, you will be wanting for more. You should go to Chinese and Grill for these.

2. Chicken TIkka

Seekh Kabab

As you enter the lane to Minara Masjid, you will get this amazing smell of Seekh Kebabs. These juicy and delicious Kebabs, made of mutton and other spices are best eaten with a paratha. Again, Chinese and Grill is the place you should go.

3. Seekh Kebab

Baida Roti

Baida Roti is an awesome combination of Chicken, egg and roti – All in one! A complete meal in one, this dish is a must have when you do a trip there. While you are there, go to this stall besides Hindustan Hotel. You will love what he makes.

4. Baida Roti


Sandal looks like idli, it is also steamed like idli, but it’s yummier. Made with rice flour, coconut milk and hint of sugar it is best paired with Malai which is served with it. Kassam Bhai makes one of the best Sandals in that area.

5. Sandal


What’s a trip to Mohammad Road if you haven’t eaten the yummy Malpua. It is one of the undisputed star of Ramzan. Laced with Mawa, dry fruits and fruit essence you have to eat this. Modern Sweets is the place where you should go.

6. Malpua

Mawa Jalebi

There is Jalebi and then there is mawa Jalebi. Filled with nothing but mawa, eating this will make you feel like you are eating a gulab jamun. If you are trying it for the first time, you should go to the Burhanpur Jalebiwala near JJ.

Mawa Jalebi

Malai Khaja

Malai Khaja is a combination of sweet mawa inside with a little bland exterior. But the combination is just perfect. After you are done eating all the yummy dishes, this would be the perfect way to end it. Again, Suleman Usman is the place you should buy this from.

7. Mawa Khaja

While those were the dishes that you would want to try at a certain shop, I have also listed some more stuff that you can eat just about ANYWHERE at Mohammad Road.


These yummy chicken tandoor pieces are little pieces of heaven on earth. Marinated in red spicy paste and then barbequed or deep fried, this is a bliss for all the chicken lovers here.

8. Tandoori

Chicken Roll

Yet another delicious chicken dish. Made with chicken (of course), maida, and tandoori masala, this is the perfect dish to start your trip with.

9. Chicken Roll

Bhuna Gosh

If you are a mutton lover, you will just not be able to resist this one. Mutton paired with some really spicy masala and prepared in oil, this dish will make you wanting for more.

10. Bhuna Gosh


Falooda and Ramzan go hand in hand. So whenever you go here make sure you a buy a packet or two of these.

11. Falooda

Halwa Paratha

I know this is an unknown and a weird combination, but trust me, this is the best thing that you will eat.

12. Halwa

Naan Sandwich

This is basically bhuna gosh and bread. If you don’t want to eat the Bhuna just like that, Naan Sandwich is your go-to. PS: it’s really yummy!

13. Nan Sandwich

Lucknowi Kabab

These kababs are small, tasty and spicy. Eat it with bread or just like that, you can easily gobble up 6 to 7 at one go.

14. Luckhnowi Kebab


And finally comes the firni. Served in a Mud vessel, this Firni is simply out of this world. You HAVE to have this one.

15. Firni

Well, now the next time you go to Mohammad Ali Road, you know what to have and where. In case if I must have missed anything, do let me know and I’ll add it!

Also, a BIG thanks to Prathmesh Thaker for all these wonderful images!

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