Travel Diaries: I Went To Dalhousie, And Here’s My Experience


“Humare Himachal mai chori karne ka system nahi hai,” declaimed our driver with an odd sense of pride. His words however, struck us only when we found our forgotten mineral water bottle in the exact same spot hours after we had forgotten it there.

But that’s not why Himachal (or Dalhousie in our case) stood true to its wording of ‘Land of Gods’. To think of it, the rubric still baffles me. Land of Gods owing to the tranquil mountains; serene deodars or sheer calm and peace that the place has to offer, we failed to comprehend.

Amidst the snow clad Manali, raw Leh – Ladakh and adventurous terrains of Spiti; Dalhousie sprung as a rather benign recourse for a jumble of three obnoxious girls.

One over adventurous, one fattu and one forever philosophical, but, the three of us held one trait in common –all are incisive planners. Yet, most memorable in our Dalhousie trip turned out the reality that nothing panned out as planned.

Ek Raah Ruk Gayi To Aur Jud Gayi

Thanks to our dude driver uncle, we landed at Mount View. Lobbies adorned with rustic fittings, swings to kickback, tiny cottages, valley for a view and friendly staff – Dalhousie made us at home already.

1. Mount View Lobby


Tum Jo Pakad Lo Haath Mera Duniya Badal Sakta Hoon Main

Did you know Mohit Chauhan is from Himachal? Soothing folk music of the mountains and Himachali Chicken curry to trickle your taste-buds. We fell a little more in love with Dalhousie.

2. Folk Music

2. Curry

Patjhad main jo phool murjha jate hain woh baharon ke aane se khilte nahin

A 3 kilometre trek to Mata Pauhlani’s temple in Dainkund will make you breathless – both literally and figuratively. Climb the pinnacle till you feel your heart thumping right in your ears – that’s when you feel most alive.

3. Dainkund




Tut naa jaye sapne mai darta hu nis din sapno me dekha karta hu

No camera can capture the true beauty of sunkissed Deodars in Khajjiar Valley, a few kilometres from Dalhousie. Wander around amidst the lush trees or just sit on the grass while crooning your favourite track – Khajjiar will make you wish that time comes to a standstill. And it indeed will!


4. Khajiiar view


Dhuaan Dhuaan Tha Vo Samaan Yahan Vahan Jaane Kahan

Situated in the steep heights of the dark forest, Kalatop is what every adventure seeker is looking for. To stay in the retro guest house that made up for Sonakshi Sinha’s shelter in second half of Lootera, one has to make an advance booking.

It has it all – tranquil trees and mountains, ancient interior and wild bears. Yes, only true adventure seekers set camp at this place.



Aati Jaati Saans Jane Kab Se Gaa Rahi Hai

Life has a lot to offer, if you know where to seek. We found our share of wisdom from the coffee uncle (as we refer to him) situated right opposite our hotel.

Along with complimentary coffee and Dalhousie history, uncle gave us something we would never forget.

Stop making everyone your customised version, just be your best version and life will be sorted – well, this is only the summary of what he told us. He is the youngest old man, we all ever met.


At the end of it we knew – it is the sheer magic in air, that makes Himachal the Land of Gods

Doesn’t matter if you’re a real traveller or just inspired by a click baiting post – set off on a journey, because nothing liberates like travel does. And nothing will free you like Dalhousie.


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