Time to Rekindle Your Interest In Swimming With Some Of These Fun Facts

Isha Shah

Have you always wanted to learn swimming, or you are already good at it, but lacking the motivation to be a regular. Time for you to rekindle that interest with these cool facts about swimming.

  • The oldest stroke in swimming is the breaststroke. Ancient drawings and paintings found in Egypt depicting people swimming date back to 2500 BCE. That’s too old.

 egypt swimmersource
  •  One of the ancient cities in Mohenjo Daro from 2800 BC contains a swimming pool sized 12 m by 7 m.

  • Swimmers sweat in the pool. So make sure you are going for that shower after swimming. Chlorine plus sweat, imagine!

swimmer sweatsource
  • The world’s oldest swimmer is 105-year-old swimming champion Jaring Timmerman. That’s some goal for all of us.

105-year-old-winnipeg-swimming- jaringsource
  • The world’s youngest internationally competitive swimmer is only 10. Alzain Tareq ,a Bahrainian girl competed against swimmers who were twice her age.

youngest swimmersource
  • Swimmers use nearly every muscle in their bodies. It burns up to 650 calories per hour which is  more than walking or biking. You are moving against the water’s resistance, which is over ten times that of the air.

  •  Swimming first became an Olympic event in 1896.

olympic swimmingsource
  • Swim fins were invented by Benjamin Franklin.

  • The Largest Pool Is Located In Morocco, The Orthlieb Pool in Casablanca, takes up an area of 8.9 acres. That is almost 7 full football fields!

worlds biggest poolsource
  •  Louis Réard— A French car engineer, invented bikini in May 1946,  who at the time was running his mom’s lingerie shop in Paris and named it after Bikini Atoll nuclear tests.

  • Elephants can swim up to 20 miles a day using their trunks to breathe through, kind of like snorkeling, isn’t that cool?

  • Olympic sized pools have enough water to take 9,400 baths.

  • The Titanic was the first cruise ship with a swimming pool.
  • Marco Polo is the most popular swimming pool game.

marco polosource
  • Swimming is one of the safest forms of exercise for expectant moms. Lets them feel lighter despite the extra kilos of pregnancy.

pregnant womensource

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