This Is Why Uncle Francis aka Naveen Richard Is The Coolest Tamilian Uncle Ever


I’m sure all of you or at least most of you have already heard about the wonders of Naveen Richard. His sketches have tickled our funny bones and his stand up acts have made us laugh out loud. He is one comedian on the block that doesn’t just find humor in the small little things that we usually do not even notice, but also makes being South Indian even cooler.
Naveen has numerous sketches that are a must watch, but his alter ego Uncle Francis is someone you cannot afford to miss. So, here we bring you some of Uncle Francis’s daily life fiascos that will make you fall in love with him. Btw how does a tamilian spell cool? C, Vo, yet another Vo and Yel!

1. Somehow uncle Francis’s is ending up with ladies finger for every meal. I feel ya uncle… Ey wait di, unghle is coming.

2. The pain of not being able to use a normal soap is unmatchable. Who uses a loofah goddamit?

3. Uncle Francis has given an all new meaning to the concept of Carpooling.

4. Uncle Pranjiss doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the social media trend.

5. Medicine or no medicine? Uncle Francis seems to be stuck in a dilemma

6. Everyone around is busy unboxing their iPhones. Meanwhile, Uncle Francis is jumping on the wagon by unboxing his beloved pressure cooker.

7. Remember children, don’t touch till marriage (If you know what I mean). *wink* *wink*

8. Talk about peer pressure…

9. Uncle Francis got cheated by the hotel. He doesn’t seem to be excited about it and rightly so.

10. When you don’t provide a Malayali uncle with a bucket in the bathroom, this is what happens.

11. You don’t need an enemy when you have friends like Uncle Francis. No really, what is he doing da?

In love with Uncle Francis yet?

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