Things Indian Parents Should Tell Their Kids Instead Of The Usual Shit, To Make Their Life Better


We (Indians) have grown up with advices of our parents, elders, and even neighbourhood aunties. We get so many advices and free consultations in life that if for once we must decide something on our own we feel as if we have lost the ability to decide on our own. And for some reason, without deliberately deciding, we inculcate this dependence in our children too.

And that’s just why we need to learn that though we have a thousand advices for our kids, when they’re studying, when they’re getting married, and even when they’re not getting married, when they’re having kids, we sometimes fail to tell them the right things.

Tell her that her life is her own, and that she should decide what’s wrong and right, instead of telling her to “always obey elders”. Because who said ‘elders’ are always right?

Don’t tell him to never cry, tell him to let it out if he feels like, because keeping feelings suppressed is equally bad for any gender.

Sometimes it's okay to crySource
It's okay to cry sometimesSource

Don’t tell her to study well because “achha ladka milega”, tell her to study well because every kid should.

Tell them to respect elders whom they respect from the inside, not just because of their age.

Don’t tell them to let go all the time, tell them to take things in their control and change life the way they want it to.

Take ControlSource

Tell them they only live once and they should take all the time they think is necessary to choose the one, instead of telling them “the clock is ticking”.

Tell her to argue when need be, instead of telling her to be soft spoken because ‘manners’.

Don’t tell him to get married because ‘beta, I’m getting old now’, tell him to get married because he will need a partner when he grows old.

Marrying for the wrong reasonsSource

Tell them to read a good book, learn an instrument they like, play a nice sport, or learn a new language, rather than forcing them to go to the temple, because ‘sanskaar’.

Tell her to cook, if she likes to, don’t tell her to cook because “husband ko kya khilaoge?”

Tell them to live their life to the fullest, because you never know.

Don’t tell them ‘love marriage’ is bad, tell them that they should say ‘I Love You’ only when they’re 100% sure about it.

Don't Hurry LoveSource

Don’t tell them “char log kya kahenge”, tell them divorce, breakup, failure, and accepting the truth is never a bad thing, no matter what ‘char log’ think.

Tell them to be proud of their decisions, if their conscience tells them they’re right, not because the society will accept it. Tell them they need to make their own rules, and not abide by someone else’s.

Make your own rulesSource

It’s high time you let them be on their own, it’s time you tell them the right things, so that they know what to tell their kids. Imagine a world of happy people, that world can only be created with the right advice, or maybe no advice at all.

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