These Unique Restaurant Interiors In Mumbai Are So Good You’ll Instantly Want To Go There


If you’re interested in nice interiors and decor, you must look at these restaurants and learn some tricks from them on how to get something out of nothing and to play around with the theme of the restaurant. Everything is so creative be it the decor or the presentation of food. Specially as the main focus is ‘decor’, everything around you in the restaurant would come as a surprise. And when you see it, it will make you think hard why didn’t you ever come up with that idea?

 Colaba Social, Colaba

Ever since it started, it has been famous for its unique décor. Now they have introduced 3 more socials in Mumbai and every social differs from each other in terms of décor. They have come up with something unique just as hanging empty alcohol bottles or vessels to the ceiling. The walls ain’t painted but give an under-construction feel with the bricks and cement.


The Bar Terminal, Fort 

This new place in town is gaining a lot of attention because of its quirky interiors. Its a hidden gem inside the lane near Bombay stock exchange. They have seriously made some good effort with the interiors. e.g the bar area, counter is made up of vegetable baskets and the wall gives you some vintage vibe as they have used the radio and telephone that aren’t working, just to make the wall look more beautiful.


Mighty Small, Lower Parel

Do you remember going to a circus or mela? Smaash has figured out a way to bring Circus to you in the form of a restaurant. The interior is full of red and white stripes keeping in mind the theme of the restaurant and the seating area is made in a way that looks like a carousel with canopies on the top.

Do visit this place if you wanna relive your childhood memories.


Grandmama’s Cafe, Dadar 

This Newly opened cafe in Dadar is being liked by all. The white and green theme with the décor does feel a little British but still it’s totally a grandma thing. The décor does give you that feel of being around your grandma. One of the walls is decorated with copper trays and floral frames and on the other side is a shelf with a flower pot and books. This is by far the biggest cafe in Dadar.

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Roti Kapda Makaan, Lower Parel 

Yeah! Yeah! The name of the place itself says the 3 basic needs of our life. And the décor is done exactly in a way to relate to the theme of restaurant. The quotes, the furniture and especially the kitchen and extension accessories can make you go LOL or make you realize how important these things in our day to day life are.


The Sassy Spoon, Bandra & Nariman point 

This restaurant resides in one of the best places in Mumbai, Bandra and Nariman point. Girls are surely going to love this place if you haven’t paid a visit yet. It’s a pink and white themed restaurant with cute décor, like a flower vase in the cycle or the wall full of boxes and kettle. A little Girly décor but it really has done justice to do the theme.


The Village, Kandivali 

It’s old but definitely makes its way to the best interiors list. The décor reminds you of your ‘pind’ or ‘gaon’, everything right from the mannequins dressed in Indian attire to an auto as your seating area. The ceiling is fully covered with colourful paper flags to give that touch of village fairs. If you haven’t ever seen a village, you must visit this place to experience village life.


Jamjar Diner, Versova 

It’s not only famous for its food and chocolate flower pot but also for the ambience. As soon as you enter, you’ll find a huge book shelf and games on the left. The colour theme gives a warm and fresh feel around the place. The way the shelves are made with the colour scheme is really amazing. The place looks more beautiful in the night with the all the lights and music.


The Light House Cafe, Khar 

Going by the name this place is definitely all about lights and lights as its décor. While the bar counter is decorated with light bulbs in mason jars hanging from the ceiling, and of course glass lanterns, the bar has this DRINK signal lighted up on the wall where all the alcohol has been placed. White walls with yellow bulbs does make the place look good.


Me So Happi, Khar 

This place is like a maze. You have to make real efforts to find this place but once you enter, the first thing you’ll witness is the interior, which is really cute. The seating arrangement has been done in the form of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling and the wall full of graffiti with a telephone booth as the door. The red telephone booth does remind you of London. Going by the name of the restaurant it does make you happy.


Havana Cafe & Bar, Colaba

This place has been inspired by Cuban culture and is the only place in Mumbai where you will find Cuban food. The moment you enter you get the hints of Cuban culture with the flags, cigar and music. The place is huge but its a typical dimly lit restaurant with a bar. From the colour of the walls to the frames and messages, every single thing makes this place a cool one to visit.


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