These Mumbai Restaurants Redefine Food Presentation!


Ever wondered after watching Master Chef that you would love to have a meal which is so delicately garnished and presented? Well we would all love that. So for all you food lovers there are restaurants in Mumbai that give the presentation of the dish as much importance as the taste and texture. They won’t just add coriander on top of your sabzi, they will serve it in a way you’ll be amazed.
Molecular gastronomy, experimenting with flavors and textures, chefs just have the knack for it.

You don’t have to travel abroad to eat these dishes, we now have restaurants in Mumbai doing a marvelous job at making your food delicious and at art piece to look at.

1. SpiceKlub

Spice Klub is a pure veg restaurant that started with molecular gastronomy with a few of their dishes and people loved their experiment. You must try these visually enticing dishes at SpiceKlub.

For reservations call- 022 24925544

Bubbling Kulfi: Distorted Kulfi along with different flavors that you can add, mix and experiment. It might taste like the normal Kulfi but it surely doesn’t look like one.


Pani Puri: Did you ever wonder if you were a scientist? Well try your hand at gastronomy with Tamarind Chutney in Syringe and Pani in test tube.


Flower pot: Chocolate mud, chocolate shovel with filling of chocolate ganache and caramel, chocolate flower pot, sprinkled with pistachio dust only thing missing is cocoa sapling. The pot is made of dark Belgian chocolate and inside it contains chocolate mud and contains velvety rasmalai and saffron mousse, all the flavors blend in absolute harmony.

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Paan Mousse: Paan flavored cheesecake filled inside a betel leaf, and then liquid nitrogen is poured on it which instantly freezes it and a cloud of smoke under which you unveil the Paan. Your Paan wala can never replicate this. Ice paan is given a new meaning.


Soap cake: Dark rich chocolate fudge presented as a pears shaped soap bar with dairy foam that you’ll surely think twice before eating, and then you won’t have enough of it.


 2. Masala Library

This is the most sought after place in Mumbai when it comes to gastronomically advanced food by Jiggs Kalra. They were the pioneers to take the food lovers on a gastronomic voyage in India.

For reservations call- 022 66424142/+91 8452900900

Jalebi Caviar:This is a sweet twist to caviar. Jalebi caviar floating on top of rabdi with sprinkling of pistachio and saffron foam at one side.

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Gulab Jamun: Thinly sliced Gulab Jamun garnished with edible flowers, never thought the soft round juicy and moist Gulab Jamun could be presentedin such a delicate way.

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Pan Candy Floss: Pan? Pan shots? All are passé, Pan Candy floss is something that even the adults will enjoy.

pan masala

Rasmalai: This looks nothing like your regular Rasmalai with the caramel garnish and generous dose of nuts like almonds and pistachio.


Mishti Doi Sorbet: Lick your favorite Bengali dessert like a lollipop with just a hint of strawberry on top, now that’s a fun way to eat it. Get nostalgic and go back to your childhood.

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Chai Ice Cream: Vanilla, Strawberry give way to Chai ice cream, so there are three textures smoothness of the ice cream, crunch of the cookie and the super light foam. A must try for chai lovers!


Thandai Shot: No! you don’t have to wait for Holi to have Thandai. It might just look a spoonful but it’s a blast of flavor in your mouth. The presentation is just so sophisticated you’ll never guess its Thandai if you didn’t already know it.


Sev Puri: To get your taste buds ready for the meal, they serve a complimentary Sev Puri that is carefully placed on a toy rickshaw. The puri is replaced with rye crisp and finished with pomegranate.


 3. Umame

The destination fine diner for Pan-Asian and specially Sushi lovers. These guys love presenting their food that will just have your eyes pop out, they take perfection to another level.

For reservations call- 022 61110303/022 61110311 or reserve using WowTables

Sushi Platter: Get spoilt for choices while having this platter of Sushi delicately folded impeccably and to add to that the vegetable carving garnishes that you can’t stop admiring.

umame sushi

The Big Bang Theory : Galaxy of edible planets and stars, with liquid nitrogen poured over it to make it a visual marvel. Your heart will break to break the center piece, but someone has to do the hard job.

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 4. Yauatcha

This is another favorite restaurant for people craving Pan- Asian delicacies.

For reservations call- +91 9222222800 or reserve using WowTables

Raspberry Delice: There cannot be a more tempting looking Raspberry dessert. You just won’t feel like cutting into it.


5. Quattro Ristorante

Quattro Ristorante can be credited for revolutionizing the dining experience in Mumbai. Pure veg place that doesn’t serve alcohol, just goes to say they take their food very seriously, and we absolutely love the fact. It was primarily an Italian restaurant, then it started with Mexican and very recently with Molecular gastronomy.

For reservations call- 022 67496444

Chocolate Explosion: A chocolate bowl frozen in nitrogen liquid is stuffed with vanilla and mango mousse, brownie chunks, macaroons, nuts, candy floss. Have a look at the explosion for yourself.


Capresse Salad: The zucchini al dente spaghetti pasta dressed in pungent pesto, buffalo mozzarella cheese which is gelled spherically looks like a boiled egg and topped with balsamic caviar.

Capresse Salad

Chocochunk Fudge Brownie in a Chocolate Cage: In the cage for you to break free, the brownie topped with chocolate fudge and chocochunks, served alongside is gelato in a waffle which is crispy and adds a totally different texture to the dessert.

Chocochunk Fudge Brownie

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