The Emirates Airlines First Class Flight Is Worth Every Dime You Splurge


The Emirates airlines are known to work and fulfill your every need when you are flying with them. Be it your first experience or not they always ensure that you have a world class experience.

Here is a video of the Emirates Airlines first class flight to Dubai. The setup will surely sweep you off your feet. The word royal would also be an understatement for the kind of service they provide. It includes a first class upper deck cabin that you have all to yourself. It has a massage chair, your very own mini-bar, food counter to serve all and also a first class shower.

The economy class cabin and the lower deck is also extremely fascinating it has an exquisite cuisine to offer, an entertainment central on your very own screen, a fancy remote control that does all kinds of tasks like closing the door etc. you can also lie comfortably in your own flat bed.

Flying with them is truly a memorable and a heavenly experience. If you want to pamper yourself and don’t mind splurging out a few bucks or maybe more than you should surely consider this. The price is a swooping 1,95,000 for a one way ticket.

Here world class service surely begins at the doorstep itself.

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