Dear Family & Friends, Thanks For ‘Letting Me Do Things’, But No Thanks


Married or unmarried, teenager or little girl, working or homemaker, it’s something every Indian female has been told at least once in her lifetime, or may be many times in a lifetime – “We let you do whatever you want to, be grateful”, if not directly, then indirectly.

We have come so far with this ‘let me’ thought in our minds that we no more know what it is even like to do things without having to wait for someone’s approval. Here are my views on it, and I really don’t care if anybody will let me put it into the open, because sometimes all you need is do what you like without waiting for a consent, a permission, or an accord.

“Your in-laws are so good they ‘let you’ wear jeans!”

Thank you in-laws! Oh, by the way, from now on, I will also let you be biased towards your daughter and rude to me. And well, what would be a better way to judge me than my clothes? So good going!

they let me wear jeansSource

“Be thankful your parents are open-minded so you’re ‘allowed to’ enjoy with your friends on the weekends.”

Yes, because living your life is as bad as not respecting your parents but just fearing them.

parents allowSource

“I love you so much, so I’ll ‘let you’ do whatever you want.”

Thank you so much hubby dearest, for being so considerate, because I sold my soul to you the day I married you.

Allowed to workSource

By the way, did you all get to watch this scene? If not, please watch, and if you have, watch it again.

“They ‘let me’ keep my job after marriage, what more can I ask for!”

I should be grateful they even let me breathe.

letting you breatheSource

“Just because we let you wear modern clothes it doesn’t mean you can go out without the sindoor & mangalsutra.”

Oh yeah, how did I forget about those signs of being married while your son still has no change in his behavior, let alone his clothes or lifestyle.

Guy wearing mangalsutraSource

“Wow! Going alone for a vacation? You wife lets you do all that without her, that’s great!”

Because the ‘let you do what you wish to’ doesn’t totally go away if you’re not a woman…

If you’re wondering why don’t they stop letting us do things we have to do, you must also wonder one more thing – why don’t we stop waiting for their approval? Is wearing jeans or a sleeveless top so bad that we have to get an approval for it from our in laws? Is going out on a weekend with our friends so pathetic that we have to be grateful for our parents for having said ‘yes’? If not, then why is that one yes, that one nod, that one consent so important? Why so much importance that is just another shackle? No matter where all this started from, NOW is the time to stop it, and NOW means RIGHT NOW.

The day we stop waiting for permissions will be the day we will stop having to require permissions. So when are you going to stop, when are you going to start living?

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