As Strong As A Bull, Yet As Warm As A Wool, You Can’t Escape The Love Of A Taurus


Are you always getting surprises? Do you think you’re tired cleaning their mess up and they’re still watching that viral video, but you can’t understand why you still love them so much? Congratulations, you’ve been living with a Taurean!

Well they’re the craziest of the lot and may be the most romantic people you’ve been with, here are some amazing things your Taurus friends do, and don’t.

1. They’re so sweet you will never know when you’re going to be surprised with a big box of chocolates and flowers.

chocolates and flowersSource

2. Once you propose to them, you are never allowed to leave, not even for a day. While it’s very sweet, sometimes it’s annoying too. :D

never allowed to leaveSource

3. Never, I repeat, NEVER argue with them. There is no use because if you’re wrong you’re dead, and if you’re right, they will anyway not listen to you.

NEVER argue with themSource

4. And that reminds me, they cannot take criticism. Not with a pinch of salt, not with a pinch of chili, not at all.

can't take criticismSource

5. And all this makes them super critical and selfish at times. So until and unless you’re okay with taking blame without your own mistake, don’t initiate relationship with them.

They will blame youSource

King Joffrey must have certainly been a Taurean too.

Taurus blames youSource

6. Taureans keep things a little too much to themselves. They’re the once who say “I’m fine” when asked “what happened?” Which makes them prone to overthinking and sadness.

I'm fineSource

7. Taurus is a super practical sign. They’ll think everything with the brains more than with the heart.

Very practicalSource

8. This is probably why they sometimes come out as rude on the outside, while they’re just trying to be practical.

come out as rudeSource

9. And also, may be this is just why they seem to be a little boring at times.

Boring TaurusSource

10. But all this boredom vanished into thin air once they fall in love. They’ll arrange cute surprises, make dinner for you, and all that romantic people do.

Taurus loveSource

11. You will see a whole new version of them with all their tender expressions and random acts of love. :) They would never give up on love.

Never give upSource

12. If you get them drunk, it’s your fault. And you have to handle all the loud noises, stupid dancing, and their stubbornness that has grown manifold with getting drunk.

Drunk TaurusSource

13. Once in bed, all they want is love-making. They’re fine with ‘no-strings attached’ relationships and don’t like talking too much while and before doing it.

Taurus in BedSource

If you are a Taurean or have a Taurus friend, share and pass this on. Share with us your experiences with Taurus people in the comments.

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