You Saw Meryl Streep Slay Donald Trump, Here’s What Donald Trump Did To Earn It


It was very recently that Hollywood celebrity Meryl Streep gave a touching speech at the Golden Globes about how Trump is not being his best being at the place he has been chosen to. She strongly as well as emotionally expressed how she feels for all the wrong that is being done.

Since the time Donald Trump has come into picture, things have changed in a way nobody would have wanted. We ahve all been thinking what must have been going in the minds of those who voted for him.

We all have seen the video where Meryl is expressing her grief, here’s what she was referring to when she became sad in the video. Here’s the video where Donald Trump is mocking New York Times reporter Serge F. Kovaleski’s chronic disability.

Later, Trump denied having known the reporter, he said he has no idea who the reporter is, claiming he has never even met him, while he has actually met Kovaleski 12 times.

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