Ratan Tata Takes His Love For Dogs To Another Level; Invests In DogSpot.com


Ratan Tata’s love for dogs is something that is very often the topic of discussion for many people. One can see stray dogs at the reception of his $110 billion worth headquarters of Tata Group, publicly known as the Bombay House. As per sources, Tata allowed these dogs to take shelter there after once he saw them get drenched in the rain. A great gesture we must say!

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But this is not it, Tata was recently approached by Rana Atheya, who is the CEO of DogSpot and agreed to invest in his venture. Ratan Tata always wanted to create a wider arena for the industry dealing with urbanization of pet products. Indian market when it comes to pet products is estimated to be at around $1.1 billion and growing every day. With someone as established as Ratan Tata investing in this industry, we can only hope for great things for our beloved pets.

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