Things That Happen When You Have The Attention Span Of A Goldfish


If you have a short attention sp…oh, forget that, look, a butterfly!

There are times when you open your phone to call someone up and end up crushing candies.

candy crushSource

People ask you if you’re free to listen to them for a minute, you say yes, and they tell their story having no idea that you’ve time travelled to the Alice in wonderland era.

bored during conversationsSource

There hasn’t been a single time in class when you were asked something and you could look anything other than puzzled.

puzzled in classSource

You change the TV channel during commercials and miss the original show you were watching.

Watching TV Programs


You have almost 100 tabs opened in your browser, because you just can’t make up your mind.

100 tabs opened in your browserSource

When you’re trying to concentrate on something, every sound in fascinating to you. No matter whose phone rings, you will be the first one to ask whose phone whose phone.

when someone's phone ringsSource

You open the fridge to get a drink, and end up being fascinated by the peanut butter, so you forget the drink, peanut butter is the new love (of course until something else shows up).

Eating out of fridge_articleSource

You have spoiled exams just because your seat was next to the window.

Sitting next to window in examSource

When you start looking for something on Wikipedia, you will end up searching a chain of thousand things and will never complete the first thing you ever started to read.


So if you started to read about the Taj Mahal, 3 hours later you will realize you know every single thing about the Mughals, except for the Taj Mahal.

wikipedia attention spanSource

You are always having something more interesting to look at or think about during an ongoing conversation.

Always have something interesting to look atSource

Playing Minesweeper for the last 2 hours, you suddenly realise you actually came to your dad’s desktop to send an urgent email.


You have never read a book without having to go back again and again because somewhere in between, you’re reading, but actually just thinking what you will have for dinner next Sunday.

reading a bookSource

Your friend gives you a YouTube link saying it’s super funny, your first question is “how long is it?” “5 minutes” “oh, well forget it”.

YouTube VideoSource

You manage to buy everything else except what you actually had to buy, even when you have a list!

buying something_articleSource

You’re mostly busy thinking to yourself and only get into a conversation when you suddenly hear your name.

hearing your nameSource

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