Overweight Or Cuteness Overflowing? Get Rid Of The Endless Weight-loss Advises You Get


We’ve wasted so much time thinking, “Am I good enough?” that we get very little time to love ourselves for who we are.  We persistently continue to live on the basis of what other people think about us, their judgements, evaluations, opinions on who we are, just to fit in. Then we’re officially committing the biggest crime ever…Not embracing who we are.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of a person that you are. It’s the worst type of loneliness, to not be comfortable in your own skin.

Today you are considered to be perfect when you have the perfect body, rather a flawless body.

If you’re overweight you look like a bloated balloon, if you’re skinny you look like a toothpick. We need to just stop and realize that we don’t live in a fairytale, come back to reality where everything does not have to be perfect.

To all those people who don’t miss a chance to bring you down and prick you until it hurts that you’re fat. Here’s how you can shut them all up.

If they call you overweight or as they subtly put it across ‘Very healthy’

Be nasty and snatch away they’re food the next time they eat something yummy saying you don’t want them to become like you…

And if your family and relatives ask you to go on a diet a bajillion times…

Tell them that you already are following your kind of balanced diet

Or else just be upfront, explain to them your priorities! It’s time to hit them with a reality check.

If they tell you that you can fit into anything when you are thin

Say how perfectly happy you are wearing cute sweatshirts and looking like a cuddly teddy.

Ask, how in the god damn world do they feel that this

Tastes way better than THIS!?

Explain to them how food is there for you when you turn into an emotional wreck.

It’s your go to thing you know? It comforts you when no one else can, ALWAYS.

If they say that no one will ever fall in love with you…make them meet your soulmate rather soulmates.

If they go on and on and don’t stop lecturing you…just utter the two magical words.

Because the reality truly is that a tiny body cannot hold all this personality.

Give them all the privilege to prick or bother you, you know what is the answer to it all.

Maybe a few will be blunt and say, “You’re fat.” A few will say, “You look so healthy and happy.” And guess what? Maybe you are both things. What I don’t understand is that, is there any harm in that? Don’t struggle to achieve what the society’s idea of perfect is! Blow this stereotype out of the water. Stop counting the calories of food every bite contains and tracking your weight every single hour.

Remember if you are beautiful on the inside it will reflect on the outside.

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