Due To Shortage Of Space In Masjid, The Eid Namaz Was Offered In Ganpati Pandal


A true spirit of unity was shown in Colaba, Mumbai, as Hindus made space for their Muslim brothers in the Ganpati pandal so that they could offer their Namaz during Eid.

Namaz In Ganapti Pandal

Another really amazing thing happened in Mumbai which tells us how it is possible for one single country to be have so many religions together. Unlike usual Ganpati processions, this Ganpati procession in Mumbai maintained silence until the Friday afternoon Namaaz concluded, while the Muslims reading Namaaz made way for the procession to pass conveniently.

Look at how peaceful the Ganpati procession is, to let the Muslims conclude their Namaaz, and how the Muslims make way for the Ganpati procession:

hindu muslim unity indiaSource

This is not the first time Muslims and Hindus have shown respect to each other’s religion, festivals, and beliefs. Here are just a few other instances of Hindu-Muslim unity in India that will touch your heart:

Hindus offering Prasad (blessed food) to Muslims, Muslims offering flower garlands to Hindus


Muslim children very sweetly offering Ganpati Maha Aarti in presence of Mumbai city NSUI president Heena Vijay Kanojia at Byculla.

ganpati aartiSource

How heart melting it is to see a Hindu sister tying Rakhi to Muslim brother’s wrist.

Raksha Bandhan Festival Being Celebrated Across IndiaSource

Kids are our best teachers of humanity. The picture says it all…

little kidSource

When the colours of Holi painted not just faces, but souls.


And when this little Krishna was taught the lesson of unity really early by his parents.


We know these pictures touched your soul. If you have more such instances or experiences, do share them with us.

While most of the people celebrate with the age old traditions, some of them decided to do something different this time.

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