We Recently Went To Mumbai Vibe And It Has A Whole Different Vibe


14th Road Khar west has a new haunt that you would totally love if you’re a lover of ‘chaat’, and chit chat. They have a brilliantly unique menu, some rare drinks and dessert, a whole variety of ‘chai’, and a really nice environment. It is a place quite big, given the location, and we have some things to share that might help you decide whether you would like to go there.

The Place

As soon as you enter, you will find a really attractive place where you could spend hours chit chatting with friends over some nice tea or drinks and food. The interiors are really good and spacious for a place in Bandra.

Interiors 1


interiors 3

On the first floor, the ceiling has gorgeous blue drums and all kinds of funky décor items. You will love it if you’re a fan of nice things to see while you eat.

Interiors 2 drums

Snacks & Starters

The first thing we tried was their Manchow soup which was good for someone who likes Chinese soups because as we saw the menu we knew we needed to have a lot of appetite.

Manchow Soup

The very next thing made us super happy at the first sight itself. We had ordered a ‘Potato basket’ and it was literally a ‘truck’ full of three different types of yummy potato fries! If you’re someone with a small tummy, this would sadly be the end of your meal.

wedges in a truck


wedges 2

The Food

The best and most unique thing about the place is that they have a menu for chat lovers who also love Italian, Mexican, and other cuisines. We tried their Mumbaiya Onion Bhajia Taco which was delicious with the blend of Mumbai bhajiya and taco.



Mumbaiya tacos

They also have some nice combination of Oven Baked Lasagne which is decent enough.


The Dessert

The uniqueness of their menu also comes out quite nicely in their desserts. We ordered this rare combination they have – Saffron Cheese Cake with Rabri, and Malai Tiramisu. It was a decent combination of international desserts with typical Indian falvours and is a must try at least once.

unicorn faloodaSource

The Drinks

They have a wide variety of drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, especially their amazing teas with different flavours and the banta sodas!

Tea & BreakfastSource


pub part

If you’re a lover of typical Indian drinks like chai and banta, you will fall in love with this place.

The Specialty – The Popping Bottles

Popping bottles is their range of nice banta sodas that you can have with or without alcohol. We tried their Virgin Jaljira soda and Ko-ko-yum (rum with kokum) popping bottles. The drinks were amazing and someone who misses the North Indian ‘banta soda’ could totally give it a try for their effort. :)


And the ‘Chuski’

Guess what! They have chuski/barf ka gola or whatever you may like to call it. The specialty of their chuski is that you can top it with your choice of alcohol as well. All the flavours are good, especially the peach and khus, and the kala khatta one.

Mumbai Vibe Khar ChuskiSource

The Good

The unique menu with the Popping bottles, the wide variety of tea, and the chuski are some things that we would go back to Mumbai Vibe for. The food was decent enough if you’re not looking for some totally sophisticated Italian or Mexican. The staff looks supportive and well-trained. One of the best things is the ambiance and the interiors.


The Bad

There was nothing bad in the place as such, but we would also like to see them add some more things to their menu when it comes to the wines. There are times you cannot find your favourite wine on their menu, or it is in the menu but just not available at the moment.

Our Verdict

Our overall experience was quite good, especially with the popping bottles and snacks. The food, the ambiance, the service, all make it a pretty good place that I can go to once more.

Visit Mumbai Vibe the next weekend and tell us how your experience was in the comments section.

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