Mumbai Is The Biggest Teacher And You Can’t Deny That!

Sonali Gupta

Moving to another city is a life changing experience and that too from Delhi to Mumbai. Both of them are cosmopolitan cities where people from different corners settle down to earn a living. Both the cities show an equal disparity between the haves and have not’s. Mumbai has always been a riddle to inquisitive Delhites and vice versa. The two cities have a difference in the ideas, lifestyle, and culture, yet they stay closely connected. Delhi is made up of numerous layers whereas Mumbai gives you straight picture where everything is open for you to see, feel and take. After staying in Delhi for 5 years, this is my love affair with Mumbai which I want to treasure all my life. Let’s look how I fell in love with MUMBAI.

 1. Taxi Ride or Rickshaw ride!

I can never forget my first taxi ride where I found how honest Mumbaikars can be! Our relationship with all the auto drivers is unique from sharing stories over the course of a long ride to developing a mutual respect for the other people is amazing. Trust me, Mumbai taxi drivers are the epitome of the first impression of this city!


2. Local train!

Having stayed in Mumbai, I don’t know what it would be without the local trains that carry 80 lakh people every day. My first ride in a local train was devastating but at the same time, I felt that there is always a room for more. By now, I am pretty much aware of the crowded stations and all the routes with the help of  mIndicator app.


 3.Monsoon in Mumbai

Mumbai rains make me see how life goes on, no matter what! People in Mumbai don’t need to change their work timings and they carry on their lives as it is. The sky may turn dark, gray clouds may scream but the city just accommodates them to four months of rainstorm.


 4. Freedom & Outlook

Mumbai has a totally bohemian and cosmopolitan outlook. Different ways of life are accepted genuinely without judgement or strict criticism and there is a kind of ‘Live and Let Live’ ideology followed by its citizens.

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5. Sight of the sea

Sea is the biggest cure when people have bad days or even worst days. Trust me, when homesickness strikes, there is nothing that the sea can’t cure. Living in an unfamiliar city all by myself, I had a lot of them. The sight of the Arabian sea stretching into the horizon or the fresh breeze as you walk along Juhu beach is a stress buster for all the inhabitants.

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 6. Night Life

Mumbai has a different zeal and energy when it comes to nightlife. The elite clubs, old-fashioned food joints or roadside stalls, that seem like they never shut down, prove that Mumbai never sleeps. From my very first night out, I felt that “night” is just another word for Mumbaikars.


7. Security

Mumbai, with its buzzing and enthusiastic nightlife, allows you to have fun the way you want it. The very first late-night ride in Mumbai made me have a sense of faith in its people. Now, I don’t have to look over my shoulder when the clouds turn darker. The taxi drivers, auto-wallahs, and even the strangers make sure that I reach home safe.


 8. Weekend Getaways

Delhi provides you a lot of weekend getaways, from farmhouses and cozy holiday spots to escape the monotony of city life to overnight rides. Mumbai also has ample of places to chill out but in a different manner. Be it Matheran, Daman & Diu, Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala or Khandala, the weather always surprises you and gives you a good chill.


 9. Theatre arts

Mumbai boasts of theatre performances and great arts all around the city. Although the city has very few art galleries or museums, the theatre performances display how to best bring drama in the lives of the people through experiential learning.

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 10. Food

Every Mumbaikar has an inbuilt love for Vada Pav which is very spicy and yum! Mumbai has its own charm when it comes to food, from pav bhaji, vada pav to keema pav, bun-maska or sev-puri. Beyond the magnetism of bentwood chairs and marble tables lay uncountable memories along with a sip of Irani chai. When you’re in Mumbai, even a gourmet meal has to end with a cutting chai from your favourite Tea stall.


 11. No show-off or false pride.

In Mumbai, people don’t stress over dressing up each and every day. Anything works for them when it comes to fashion. They can wear shorts in office and chappals in clubs. But at the end of the day, they don’t want to dress up just to impress others. They are ok keeping their attire casual and simple, being just who they are.


 12. Great opportunities

The best part of Mumbai is its continuous, demanding working culture. It is rightly said that if you want to achieve something, go to Mumbai. This place has enormous opportunity for every work and every person. Although this city can sometimes be a struggle , but then the rewards are as good as the work.


 13. Civilization and civic sense

Nothing beats the people of Mumbai; warm, friendly, helping, energetic are the super qualities of a Mumbaikar. Not only are they down to earth, but also accept outsiders as their very own people. They respect public property, follow laws and help their fellow men in every possible way.

 14. Upbringing

In Mumbai, rich kids don’t run boasting about their fathers, like in other cities. They are very down to earth and respecting in nature. People know how to take a moment in their busiest schedule to help others in their bad days.


However, the city has its own charming traits and its own problems. Regardless of all its imperfections, the city keeps inspiring us to chase our dreams. It definitely leaves a permanent mark on all who experience it once in their lifetime. Nothing is impossible in Mumbai. And that’s the story of how I fell in love with this city. :)

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