Want To See More From The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Stars? Here Are Their Movies That No Fan Should Miss


We all love F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the best romcom anyone has ever watched. And of course, those who love F.R.I.E.N.D.S also love the lead characters. Well, this weekend I was craving for something more with the 6 lead characters of this amazing show, but not exactly the series itself. So I made this list of some brilliant movies starring our favourite 6! Here, enjoy!

1. Jennifer Anniston – Marley & Me

A sweet story of a lovely family and their best friend, Marley. It has comedy, it has love, and it has Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson, what else would you want for a good Sunday movie.

2. Lisa Kudrow – Kabluey

Lisa Kudrow (Leslie) needs help from her brother-in-law (as her husband is sent back to the war in Middle East) who finds a job to be the mascot for a digital company in a blue costume.

3. Jennifer Anniston – Cake

An amazing storytelling with Jennifer’s heartbreakingly good acting. A little heavy on the heart but totally worth a watch.

4. Matt Le Blanc – Lovesick

Matt plays Charlie Darby who is what you can call crazy when it comes to falling in love. All his efforts go into fighting his psychosis to make his one chance at true love work.

5. Matthew Perry – Fools Rush In

A cute, comedy and romantic story of how bad Matthew and Salma Hayek are at ‘marriage’, who get married for a not very right reason, and face the consequences.

6. Lisa Kudrow – Hanging Up

Lisa Kudrow, Meg Ryan, and Diane Keaton are a trio of sisters who are trying super hard to get along, making the movie super funny.

7. Jennifer Anniston – He’s Just Not That Into You

A film explaining the complexity of love and lives of 4 men and 5 women who’re struggling in their love lives.

8. Matthew Perry – Numb

Matthew’s character Hudson knows that there’s something wrong with his brain. But this person going insane finds the most perfect girl, making him desperate to seek a cure on the edge of a breakdown.

9. David Schwimmer – Duane Hopwood

It’s about a divorced Duane who drinks a lot and laments his broken marriage a lot. The story of how he finally decides to get his life back on track.

10. Courtney Cox – The Shrink Is In

An Indie Romantic film where you’ll see the lovely Courtney as Samantha, a travel journalist who impersonates her own psychiatrist to impress her new neighbour.

11. Jennifer Anniston – The Break-Up (2006)

The story of every fighting couple. Brooke, an art dealer, breaks up with her immature boyfriend to make him miss her, but it all goes wrong when their friends and family ‘advise them’ too much.

12. David Schwimmer – Madagascar

Some call it just voice over, but when you watch all the parts of Madagascar, you know how a voice of over can make or break an animated movie. Look out for David’s wonderful voice as Melman the giraffe.

13. Three To Tango (1999)

Oscar’s (Matthew) married boss hires him to keep an eye on his girlfriend assuming he’s gay, but Oscar falls in love with her. Might remind you a little of Yes Boss (1997).

14. David Schwimmer – Since You’ve Been Gone

A 10 year high-school reunion turns into a comedy, a night that they’ll never forget. You’ll see David’s comic timing once again. :)

I hope you’ll enjoy these amazing movies. Comment with your favourite movies of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S stars and let us know if you think more should be added to the list.

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