Make Trekking Easier – The Hiker’s Guide To Minimalist Packing


So you’re ready for a hike and you’re going to have the most fun. You have all your things gathered and all you need to do now is pack them! But you know what? Packing is the biggest task when you’re going for a hike. Remember 3 things – you cannot take the whole world with you, you do not need half of the stuff you’ve taken out, and you will carry whatever you pack in that backpack. So beware. Here are some tips for you to save yourself from becoming that stupid packer who ruins their hike because of packing fails.

1. Take a smaller backpack. Yes. Because we humans tend to fill up the bag until it’s about to explode. So the smaller the bag, the lesser you’ll want to fill it, and the more smart you act. :)

smaller backpackSource

2. If you’re a couple, you could just take common t-shirts and shorts. It will save a lot of space, oh, and also make you look sexy as a couple. :D

unisex tshirtsSource

3. Roll your clothes

roll your stuffSource

4. Take t-shirts that work with maximum number of lowers and vice versa.

tshirts that go with everythingSource

5. Stuff things like socks and UGs in your shoes.

stuff in shoes-compressed (1)Source

6. Take 5 clothes with you

1. That goes well in warm or cold weather, 2. That can work for an unplanned dinner, 3. A stole/scarf if the climate suddenly changes, 4. Sandals that work with most clothes, and 5. That folds up really small and doesn’t look crushed.

5 clothes with you-compressed (1)Source

7. Pack clothes enough for 7 days, no matter how long your trip is. Trust me you don’t need more than that.

7 days packing 1-compressedSource

8. Keep a really small foldable bag in your backpack so you don’t need to take the backpack everywhere if you by chance get a place to get rid of it.

foldable bag-compressed

9. Take a cloth that works in more than one way.

Like a sarong, which can also be used as a cover up for unexpected rain, table cloth or curtain, fold it and it becomes a pillow, a scarf, curtain in trial room when you’re shopping, and on and on…


10. Choose clothes that are cross-compatible, instead of packing completely independent colours.

cross compatible clothesSource

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