Love Isn’t Always Violins & Roses And The Sooner We Accept It The Happier We Will Be


Love! The word itself is used, abused overrated, underrated and absolutely done away with. Jackie Shroff in an interview once gave just the right kind of example of how we use the word love where it doesn’t even makes sense. “I love that pair of shoe and I love you”, this is what he had a problem with, and I happen to agree with him.

I love that pair of shoe and I love you

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The world that we live in has created a sort of unrealistic cloud around the word love and we’ve unknowingly started having the wrong kind of expectations from it.

All of us have a set of things that we want to feel when it comes to love, all thanks to the fictional romcoms, not that I am blaming them completely.

We want larger than life experiences.

Be it violins playing in the background, leaves flying around or the excitement, we want larger than life experiences. The excitement is what most of us are looking for, isn’t it? The rush when we meet someone new, the blood gushing through our veins when someone holds our hand for the first time. That’s what gets us going, and that’s where we start building up wrong expectations.

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It’s humanly not quite possible to feel the same kind of excitement and rush while living with the same person day in and day out. The rush will certainly fade away with time and this will mark the beginning of the falling out of love with the same person that got your mojo going a few months ago. This is also the reason why most relationships don’t cross the 2 year mark these days. It’s because we’re looking for the wrong thing in the wrong place.

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Have you ever wondered looking at that 60 year old couple, whether do they still get excited looking at each other everyday? I even asked an elderly couple the same question and their answer was that they weren’t looking or never looked for the excitement.

Excitement will fade away, but peace and comfort never will…

They looked for comfort, they looked for emotional security. The couple wasn’t married to someone that made their heart race, they were married to someone who made them feel at peace even in chaos, who made them feel at ease, someone whom they can talk to and be friends with.

They married the one that soothed them and not someone who created a riot of emotions in them for a temporary period. They said, excitement will fade away, but peace and comfort never will. Well, that made a whole lot of sense to me.

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No one knows and I guess no one ever will know the secret to a happy or successful relationship. What is a successful relationship anyways? But, what we certainly know is that love is something more than the rush, it’s something that stays with you and can never be undone. Once you really love someone, you can never undo that feeling and that’s what it is, the true feeling of being in love, the forever!


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