London Underground Train Explosion Left Commuters Burnt And Injured

Sonali Gupta

An explosion on a London underground tube train has left the passengers with serious burns and injuries. The incident took place around 8.21 am(London time) in the morning when “a fireball flew down a carriage” at Parson Green tube station. It is also believed that the explosion came from a shopping bag left by the tube carriage door. The pictures on social media show wires coming out of a bucket inside the bag.


Chris Wildish, who was traveling on the train, said he saw a “device” in the last carriage. “It was a white bucket, a builder’s bucket, in Lidl bag,” he told BBC.

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All the frightened commuters ran for their lives after the explosion on London underground. A local metro reporter who was there at the time of the incident claimed that “ Several people have sustained serious burns and that there was stampede fled in panic”.


Sky News UK reported counter-terrorism authorities were monitoring the incident but confirmed it was a “transport police investigation”

London bomb blast

Soon after the incident six fire engines and about 50 firefighters were sent to the station, London fire brigade spokeswoman said. The incident is still unclear and needs more super vision. Heavy armed police presence is seen at the situation.

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