7-year-old Inspires 3,000 People Including Mayor Snehal Ambekar And Subhash Ghai To Pledge Organs


While almost everyone in the world is fighting each other as if it is competition, a 7-year-old kid Deyaan dies, and his family donates his organs to the needy. Little Deyaan Udani, sydney-based Indian family’s son who was in India on a vacation succumbed to a brain hemorrhage only hours before they were about to leave from Mumbai. The family donated is heart, kidneys, and liver and helped 4 people live a better life, one of which was a 7-year-old girl who received Deyaan’s heart and got the gift of life while she could have otherwise not lived for more than another week. Her mother emotionally said, “Deyaan came into our lives like an angel and gave us the greatest gift. It is priceless to see your child smile and talk. Our family will propagate and donate when the time comes”

The family addressed a gathering of thousands in Dadar this Sunday getting over 3,000 people to pledge their organs. This also included Subhash Ghai, Aditi Gowitrikar, Mayor Snehal Ambekar and many others.

As per Deyaan’s 9-year-old sister Naisha, “I will donate my organs when I grow up. I am proud to have known my brother.” As per Deyaan’s mother Mili, schools can play a big role in India’s organ donation figures which is a mere 0.5 per million people as of now, “We will carry the message through the spiritual network of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission in India and abroad.”

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