On Their 2nd Anniversary, Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden Has Something To Make Your Taste Buds Crave For More  

Komal Joshi

Kaitlyn’s Beer Garden completes two years and to add to the celebration, they have come up with an extended menu that will surely make you want to visit them soon! If you have visited Kaitlyn’s before, you might have had their signature dishes from the old menu like Herb Crusted Buttermilk Chicken Fingers, Kaitlyn’s Costolette di Maiale, Arancini Balls with Spicy Salsa, and Cheese Stuffed Cigars with Spicy Cheese Sauce. However, the extended menu will get you excited to explore new tastes with your favourite drinks!

Herb Crusted Buttermilk Chicken Fingers

Herb Crusted Buttermilk Chicken Fingers with Dynamite Dip

Kaitlyn’s Costolette di Maiale

Kaitlyn's Costolette di Maiale(Pork Ribs)

The new menu includes Burgers encased in Blue Buns, Sandwiches in colourful Rainbow Bread, a Meat Craver Pizza loaded with mutton mince, chicken salami, chicken sausage and capicola ham, Beer Battered Brocolli and Mushroom Fritter with Spicy Tomato Salsa, Pork Belly Bruschetta, and much more!

Rainbow Bread

Rainbow Sanwich- MonteCristo

Meat Craver Pizza

Meat Cravers Pizza

Pork Belly Bruschetta

pork belly bruschetta

Join the celebration and get your table reserved for the weekend before they run out of tables!


Time: All Day Long

Address: 201-202, Khan House, Hill Road, Bandra West

Reservation: 022 33956191

Get Social:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaitlynsBeerGarden/

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