If You’re Scared To Take A Step Forward, Here Are Some Stories To Prove That It’s Never Too Late


They say “it’s never too late”. But do we even listen to them? Do we try to change things once we find out, or do we even know that it’s possible to turn the steering wheel of your life once you realise? Because even though time cannot be brought back, life is not always a one way road, and taking turns is always a possibility.

It is never to late to realise what’s wrong, because you can always change it, unless it involves dead people and digested food. It’s simple and it’s easy – if you think there is something that you shouldn’t be doing, you can stop doing it right now. It is easier than doing the wrong thing. And then starting to do what you love is never a pain, it’s just doing what you love, every day.

If you still think you are not prepared to do something so ‘out of the box’ or to ‘change the whole direction’ of your life, here are some real-life examples of people who did it, and slayed it. Some of them did it at a time when some of us get tired and retired from our boring old jobs, left with no stories to tell.

It’s okay to have been a single mother, suicidal at 28, but come out of it, if you write a good first book at the age of 31. Nobody cares you’re 31, or even 91.

JK RowlingJ. K. Rowling – British novelist, screenwriter and film producer

If at 50 you can prove the origin of all species and a theory in your own name, nobody gives a hoot to your age.

Charles DarwinCharles Darwin – English naturalist, geologist and biologist known for his theory of evolution

When you write a bestseller cookbook at 39, and your TV show is a hit when you’re 51, they don’t give a damn to that number, because you brought French cooking to America.

Julia ChildJulia Child – American chef, author and TV personality

When you’re successful on Wall street and still waiting for ‘something more’, it’s perfectly alright to discover that your real passion was gourmet cooking at the age of 41.

Martha StewartMartha Stewart – American businesswoman, writer, and television personality

If you decide to become the president of the United States at the age of 69, does your age matter at all? I don’t think so.

Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan – Actor turned 40th U.S. President

When you launch Amazon, they don’t even slightly care if you’re 31 or if you’ve left your lucrative career at Wall Street.

Jeff BezosJeff Bezos – Chief Executive Officer of Amazon

It doesn’t matter if you were just a high school teacher when you think of co-founding ‘Buzzfeed’ in your 30s.

Jonah PerettiJonah Peretti – Co-founder of BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post

Age doesn’t matter when you turn from a body-building world champion to a successful actor in your 30s and from an actor to the Governer of California at 56!

2014 TCA Winter Press Tour - CBS/CW/Showtime Panels - Day 2Arnold Schwarzenegger – Actor & Former Governor of California

Your age also doesn’t make even a little bit of difference when you’re ‘The Rock’. They also don’t care if you were earlier a backup linebacker in a football team.

Dwayne Johnson The RockDwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – Actor, Singer, & professional wrestler

When your life turns around to wake you up asking you to pursue your dream job of a comedian, it doesn’t matter if that happened in your late 30s.

Joy BeharJoy Behar – Comedian, writer, and actress

Trust me your age remains just a number when people eat your ‘finger lickin good’ chicken which you franchised at the age of 62.

Colonel SandersColonel Harland David Sanders – Founder, Brand Ambassador, & symbol of Kentucky Fried Chicken

And trust me when I say age is totally nothing when you buy McDonalds at 52, after spending half your life selling milkshake devices.

Ray KrocRay Kroc – Founder and former CEO, McDonald’s Corporation

And it’s also okay to get fired from your job at 23 and knowing nothing at all, and becoming ‘The Oprah’ at 32, being a single mom since early teens.

Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey – American media proprietor, talk show host, producer, & philanthropist

Nobody even notices you’re 27 when you join Art School after failing miserably as a missionary, because you later become Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent Van GoghVincent Van Gogh – Dutch Post-Impressionist painter

And when you pick up the brush and begin to paint at the age of 78, giving no damns to how old you are, selling your work for millions, trust me, people don’t even ask your age.

Anna Mary Robertson MosesAnna Mary Robertson Moses – Grandma Moses, Renowned American folk artist

Life is too short to keep doing the wrong thing. The more you wait to confront this fact, the less time you will have left to live happily doing what you wanted. So start right now, and you won’t regret your decision.

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