International Items McDonalds Should Totally Introduce In India


We all have fond memories at McDonald’s as a kid having happy meal, as a teenager with pocket friendly Rs 20 meal, or as an adult sipping a coffee at McCafe. But there is so much more that McDonald’s can offer to its Indian customers other than McAloo tikki or Chicken Maharaja Mac. From beverages to desserts there is just so much that they offer to our western and eastern counterparts that we do feel a little left out.

In most countries McDonald’s offers fresh apples, carrots or pineapples and a wide range of salads. It would surely be nice to have that option available in India.

McToast chocolate/ cheese

White Chocolate

Fresh organic Apples

Cheddar melts

Grilled chicken and bacon salad_ garden side salad

Fish fingers

Oatso Simple Apple and Cherry Porridge

Apple pie

Chili Cheese Tops


Kit Kat® McFlurry®

Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait

Strawberry & Crème Pie

Fruit & Maple Oatmeal

Orange Pie

Chicken Mega Mac

McArabia Chicken

Assam tea snow and ice

Double Original board burned

We hope they add at least some of these items soon to the menu in India. It’ll surely give us a new reason to go to McDonald’s.

The brilliant creatives are made by our super creative in house designer Pratik Ghawale.

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