You Will Relate To This If You Love Your ‘Me’ Time A Little Too Much


There are people who always feel the need to be surrounded by people all the time. There are people who like to be alone sometimes, and like to be with people at other times. And then there are people who just want to be by themselves all the time. These are people who love their ‘me’ time so much they’re always waiting for people going away. Not that they’re anti-socials or lonely psychos, or people haters. They just love their ‘me’ time a little too much.

Here are some things that you will completely understand if you too are one of those lone wolves who love their freedom, their space, and their lone time.

You have a special victory dance for when everybody leaves the house and you’re left on your own!

Victory DanceSource

Sometimes your reason to cancel plans is simply wanting some me time.

Cancelling PlansSource

You love eating alone, because eating all by yourself without having to worry that someone is looking at you eat like a beast.

eating aloneSource

And thus, you also go to fancy restaurants and nice cafes all alone to enjoy eating all by yourself.

eating at restaurantsSource

Your biggest reason for being a night person is that you feel the most comfortable when everybody else is asleep and you have your own sweet time with yourself.

alone at nightSource

TV is your life, because no matter how many people in there, you know they’re never coming out of that box!

Tv is your lifeSource

You have often gone movies alone, and also plan to watch more movies alone, no matter how much people judge you.

Watching movie aloneSource

You spend extra time in washroom than required, because it’s so nice to have that small room to yourself without any interference.

spending time in the bathroomSource

You don’t even want people to surprise you at midnight on your birthday, because you love your night time alone.

no surprisesSource

And of course, you like drinking alone, totally alone.

Drinking aloneSource

There are times when you fake sleep so that nobody talks to you, because just…

Fake sleepingSource

Okay, there’s no unrude way to say this, but though you love all your guests, you somehow take a sigh of relief when some guest cancels their visit to your house.

sigh of reliefSource

Someday if you sit down to write the best things that have happened to you, you’ll realize that most of them are just with yourself, and be glad. :D


How many of the above could you relate to? Comment your experience and share this with your loner friends.

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