Troubles You Will Only Understand If You Have A Morning Job But You Hate Waking Up Early


So there are morning people (I don’t even know how they exist and why) and there are night people, and then there are those poor souls who are totally NOT morning people but their jobs force them to become one! Well, I am one of those unlucky people so I can completely understand your plight. So here are some awful things that happen to us because dude, we are not made to function like this!

1. Your biggest dream is to have a job that ends in the morning so you don’t have to get up in the morning.

I need a night officeSource

2. You are so negative when you wake up that you can drown anybody you come across with you in this ocean of negativity.

Negative in the morningSource

3. You’re always (sort of) late because you just cannot get out of the bed immediately as you need some time to make peace with the fact that you must go to work every single morning until you retire. :(

you're always lateSource

4. You think of reasons to not go to work and go back to sleep because mornings are meant to sleep, aren’t they? Who get up so early in the morning? WHO?

You find reasons to not wake upSource

5. You snooze the alarm and try to cut-short your plans for the morning, explaining yourself how it won’t matter if you reach 30 minutes late to work.

 console oneself to sleep moreSource

6. Every night before going to bed, you think you will get up, shine in the morning, and smile at people in the office. But what actually happens is this –

can't smile at work in morningSource

7. Your worst nightmare is an early morning meeting.

Early morning meetingSource

8. You dread that moment when you’re at the water cooler, half asleep, and some colleague wants to small talk.

Small talkSource

9. Because they aren’t even aware of your plight, and how you’ve commuted to office half asleep.

commuted to office half asleepSource

10. Coffee is the saviour, your friend for life, because there’s nothing else that can save you from the wrath of daylight. The cafeteria people know your face by the name of ‘the one who drinks all the coffee’.

Coffee is the saviourSource

11. You have often reached office with last night’s messy bun and the clothes you found in the most accessible hanger in your wardrobe, or on the sofa, or what you wore the day before, hoping nobody remembers.

messy bun at workSource

12. You have no idea how people can enter the office at 9.30 in the morning with perfect winged eyeliner, matching footwear, and well-kempt hair.

perfect in officeSource

13. You’re so cranky in the morning you could be killed any moment because of how much you annoy the colleagues.

Cranky in morningSource

14. You hate those irritating early bird colleagues, and their morning chores, and their morning smiles, aaargghhhh! How can you smile, in, the MORNING!

Irritating colleaguesSource

15. You start to dread the morning from last night itself.

dread the morning since nightSource

16. And you have no freaking idea who was the person who made this rule of getting up in the morning. Why can’t all jobs start at noon?

Hate early morningsSource

17. It’s so bad it’s not even funny!

so bad it's not even funnySource

Share this with your friends who aren’t morning persons but life forces them to be. My prayers are with you, may the world’s rules soon get changed and all jobs become night jobs. :D

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