If You Are A Socially Awkward Person Like Me You Are Definitely Going To Relate To These Points!

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There are 3 types of people in this world. One – who love to attend parties and functions! Two – who just don’t do things like that? They’d rather stay at a library than attend any party. Third are people like me – who don’t really like to attend parties and functions but are forced to. Such people are the most socially awkward people ever. And I am one of them and trust me when I say this it’s no fun!

You have absolutely no idea what you are going to do there.


You have no consideration for the latest fashion. So you end up wearing any random clothes.


The moment you are there you find one corner and sit there throughout. Because that’s what you do best- be invisible!


And god forbid if some unfortunate soul decides to give you company, all you want to do is kill yourself, or that person.


Now that the person is there you really can’t shoo them away! So, while they are talking, you slip into the world of your own. Concentration is something you are grappling for right now.


Mingling is not your thing! Be it a fellow guest or the host of the party, you go into robotic mode and just try to get over with it!


While others think of hugging and kissing as a norm, you relate to it as an invasion of your personal aura.


Dancing is your biggest enemy at such events because your moves are synonymous to martial arts training.


Getting snapped is when the best you of your smiles look as if you are highly constipated.


Forced to face the dinner table conversations, you make a mental note to eat as many starters as you can, next time.


You don’t even know how to say a goodbye without making a fool of yourself. You will always leave in such a hurry that you will feel bad once you reach home!

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There’s no bigger pleasure that coming home and slump on your beloved couch with a book/play station remote


Or dance around in your boxer with relief!


Like I said, being a socially awkward person is no joke! Are there any more things that you feel? Let me know and I’ll add it!

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