How To Plan A Grand Looking Wedding On An Incredibly Small Budget


When you see all those amazing pictures from those amazingly splendid weddings of the sons and daughters of Ambanis and Tatas and Mittals, don’t lie, but somewhere deep inside you’re wondering if you could ever have a wedding like theirs. The majestic decorations, the extreme riches dripping from their food counters, the celebrity performances on their Sangeet nights, and the designer lehenga and sherwani of the bride and groom…Oh, fantasies…

But I say, you can have such a grand ‘looking’ wedding too! All you need to do is just adjust a thing or two, and look rich, show it all off, and let nobody know how you managed to do it.

1. Invite limited number of guests, i.e., the girl and boy’s parents, siblings, immediate uncles, aunts, and one best friend each.

Less number of guests

2. And if you invite cousins, second cousins, or distant relatives, make sure they book their own hotels, and know how to set up the tent, cook the food.


3. Cook the reception food at home and bring it to the venue (your terrace).

terrace weddingSource

4. Don’t print the wedding invitations, use only Whatsapp, Facebook, and email. Looks tech-savvy, is actually cost-effective! :)

wedding invitation onlineSource

5. Bride, borrow some second cousin’s (that door ki chachi ki beti) wedding dress for your wedding, don’t bother to invite her.

borrow the dressSource

6. Decorate the venue only with old Diwali lights, loads of them. They’re cheap, and this will save the cost of cleaning the terrace next morning.

venue decoration with old diwali lightsSource

7. Buy saris in wholesale from Surat, you can always tell them you went to Connaught Place to shop for the wedding!

sasti saariSource

8. Don’t book a Pandit/Maulvi/Marriage officiant, they charge a lot. Download it all from YouTube instead. It will look modern as well!

Punam Chowdhury prays during her Skype wedding.Source

9. Skip the DJ, play music on your laptop, rather on your mobile and Bluetooth speaker, save electricity. Who cares where the music’s coming from?

Jugaad DJSource

10. Watch the Saroj khan Aaja Nach le videos instead of hiring a choreographer. And tell everyone the Sangeet performances were choreographed by none other than Saroj Khan!

sasti choreographySource

11. Pick day timings for the wedding ceremony, no lights, not kharcha.

daytime weddingSource

12. And since it’s afternoon wedding, you could use old colourful duppattas for decorations! It’ll look grand, but cost ghanta!

dupatta decorationSource

13. Start the wedding at 4 so that you don’t need to serve lunch. Reason? We only got the day muhurt.

4 pm wedding no lunchSource

14. Bridegroom, don’t buy new shoes, borrow oversized ladies Punjabi jutti from chachi’s daughter (who’s still not invited), it’s just the same.

shoes from cousinSource

15. Now, when they steal the shoes, Voila! (You anyhow never liked the chachi’s daughter, did you?)


16. Never use the phrase “No gifts please” in your invitations, use “Gifts are welcome” instead.


17. So when Raju brings a watch for you, you gift it to Birju while seeing him off, and Birju’s wall clock gift goes to… Yeah, you guessed it right!


18. Get the ‘Vidaai’ business done late night so you don’t have to arrange for the ‘baraati’s’ breakfast or lunch.


Now go ahead and…oh you’re welcome! Ahem…Now, go ahead and enjoy your extravagant and lavish ‘looking’ wedding, and share these amazing ideas with your gareeb friends who want to have ameer weddings.

PS.: Don’t freak out on me, I said I’m going to help you have a lavish ‘looking’ wedding!

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