From Wardrobe Makeover To Paying Bills, Here Are Ways Your Life Changes When You Get Your First Job

Sonali Gupta

School and college days are probably the best days of our life. But once you graduate and enter a real-world, you have to understand the meaning of responsibilities and sacrifices that adults have to make. Life changes big time and all your college dreams convert into your dream job, which is (by the way) not so easy to get. It is like a mixed cocktail with different flavours. And by the way, the biggest takeaway here is that life itself doesn’t change much, but your outlook towards life changes!

Here’s how your life changes when you get a job:

1. Life starts moving way faster than ever before

Suddenly, there is so much to do and so little time. You start moving like Usain Bolt. 24 Hours is just a small time for you to complete your work. You now understand what it means to try and create a work-life balance that everyone keeps talking about.

fast lifeSource

2. You’re all grown up, because with independence comes responsibility!

You start feeling like an adult after you start earning money. Paying your own bills from your own pocket and bringing grocery from own money makes you grow a few inches. Now that you have a job, you want to finance your own life and stop being babied by your parents, so you try the best in your ability to do exactly that.

all grown upSource

3. You were dying to pass the phase of studying, now welcome to work work work!

All you do is talk about work to your mom and your friends. You spend so much of your time at work that you don’t really know what’s happening elsewhere. So, naturally when you finally do find the time to meet your friends, the only thing you can talk about is work.




4. You’ve learnt to spend wisely!

Your spending habits become way more conservative than ever before. You start saving every single penny you can and no longer spend your money on silly stuff and impulse buying. You know how difficult it has been for you to earn that money and you’re not just going to throw it away.



5. Financial words start making sense

All the bank talk that seemed like nonsense to you earlier now makes sense. Provident fund, recurring deposits, savings, fixed deposits, blah blah blah, all that is no more a blah to you.

1 salary


6. WEEKENDS are the best thing in your life

You know your life depends on weekend way too much! WEEKEND is your saviour and you look forward to it all week. All you want to do every weekend is party like there’s no tomorrow and sleep like you have all the time in the world.

Leaving work on friday


7. Your wardrobe gets makeover

From those sleeveless or strappy fashionable crops, you suddenly switch to formals and only formals. Your closet is now filled with shirts and blazers that are considered appropriate work-wear clothing.



8. Cutting the friendship fat

All of a sudden, you don’t have time for anyone or anything except work. All your waking moments are spent on the job, and you’re too tired to do anything once you are back home. Also. you know this fact – Everybody who is meant to be with you, is going to stay with you. No matter what!



9. Happy hours

Happy hours are the best things for all working people. Once you start working you start living for that happy hour. Imagine being drunk around 9 pm and already on bed by 10 pm? Sounds so not like the college you, right?

Happy Hours

10. Discovering yourself

You start liking your own company. You discover your passion for new things and become more like an explorer and try more new things. Your perception also changes on everything after you start working.



11. You learn the ‘deal’ and you learn to ‘deal’!

You meet all kinds of people at work and let’s just say you aren’t particularly fond of a lot of them. But you know the deal, work comes first in a professional setup. You need to deal with people and situations to get your job done!



12. No more party anxiety

Party chills become boring and monotonous for you. All you want to do is cuddle in bed watch Netflix and pass out. Or may be, cook good food or just go for coffee shop hopping.

no party love my workSource

13. The REAL WORLD welcomes you

You finally understand what the real world is all about. You can’t just do whatever you want whenever you want because you have people to answer to and things to do. It really does suck but you couldn’t be more proud of yourself for finally getting a job!

real world


Share this with your friends who’ve just got their first job. How was your first job experience, share it in the comments.

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