Having Parents Belonging To Two Different Religions Is The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me


With so much said about inter-religion marriages and so many people opposing it, being a child born to parents that belong to different religions, what I can say is, it is the best thing ever happened to me and I’ll also tell you why.

Since my parents belong to two different religions, what happens as a result is I grew up learning about two religious beliefs (which is always better than one).

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Which also resulted in me realizing that both religions spoke about the same things and gave me a broader perspective into things.

It also makes you more religiously tolerant because you are open to a new theory and a new perception towards not just religion but various other things in life.

On a lighter note, when you have parents that belong to different religions, you end up celebrating more number of festivals.

And more festivals means more people coming together in harmony and keeping their differences aside.

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It teaches you to respect the differences of individuals and yet respect the people for who they are and not for what religion they belong to.

With my mother coming in from a Maharashtrian family and father from a Christian household, my father did not just break conservative boundaries for me, but also for my mother.

Now since my parents were not just from different religions but also from different parts of the country (which is mostly the case) I had two different hometowns that I could visit.

Imagine growing up travelling to different places and having new experiences? Doesn’t that sound good?

In addition to all the above it’s just great being in an environment at home which is diverse, where everyone is tolerant of each other’s beliefs and where you can chose your own belief and be alright with it.


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