Finally WhatsApp To Start Monetization, To Have Verified Business Accounts That Can Contact Customers By Paying Premium

Sonali Gupta

It was always a question on how WhatsApp will monetize this mega user base of 1 million. They have finally revealed their plan for making money via paid chats. The messaging giant is experimenting by giving businesses verified accounts on its platform.

It was always designed to make it easier for consumers and businesses to communicate with each other, and now a green badge with a white tick feature enables will enable the consumers to have a conversation in business platforms.

A yellow chat bubble ensures that you are talking to verified business and we won’t be able to delete these texts as it is a verified text.

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WhatsApp says, “If you already have a business’s phone number saved in your address book, then the name you will see is the name you saved in your address book”. And if the business’ phone number is not saved in your address book, then the name you will see is the name the business has chosen for themselves. Moreover, users can also block these unverified businesses from contacting them.

The app says “it’s exploring ways for you to communicate with the businesses that matter to you.”

This feature is now active for limited businesses on an experimental basis. WhatsApp will not put advertisements ever for monetizing their billion odd daily users as it is no third party advertisement platform.

What do you think? Is this a smart move by Whatsapp?

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