#FFDxZomato – Top 8 Pizza Places In Mumbai With Zomato Gold!

Firefly Daily Staff

We all love pizza more than anything in the world. If there is any ‘go-to-food’, it has to be pizza. So, here are our top picks for Pizza Parlours in Mumbai which are on Zomato Gold:

1. 1441 Pizzeria – With customizable options and a list of appetizers, use the gold advantage here!

1441 piz

2. Cheesiano Pizza – Welcome to the world of cheesy pizzas. This place lives true to its name. Try their Paneer Peri Peri Pizza and tell us what you think!



3. California Pizza Kitchen – Here’s to a classic American Pizza diner. If authentic pizzas are your thing, try CPK!



4. Francescos Pizzeria – From juicy chicken pizzas to unique appetizers and desserts to a veg Nacho Pizza, Francesco Pizzeria has something for everyone and is touted to be one of the best Italian eateries in Lower Parel.

5. Pi Pizzeria – If you love mushrooms as much as we do, you should try their mushroom appetizer along with their famous pizzas, after all they have 1+1 on Zomato Gold.

pi pizzeria


6. The Playlist Pizzeria – A wholesome pizza meal is what you can have here. Pesto pizza and pizza cookie are a mast-try!

7. PizzaAh! District - Let the Kadhai chicken punjabi pizza and dark lava meltdown trickle your tastebuds while you use the Zomato Gold advantage.

pizzaah district


8. The Market Project - This pizza place by The Pizza Express is one of our personal favourites. The Romana base pizzas and pao pizza are a mast-try. They also have a special vegan menu.

market proj


Here is a summed up list:


Think we have missed out on your favourite? Write to us at contribute@fireflydaily.com.

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