Everything You Need To Know About Finding Sites For Guest Posting

Firefly Daily Staff
  • What is their target audience?

If you are used to posting information for senior tourists, and your partner’s blog readers are aged 16 to 30, you may have to learn some specific vocabulary. Try to target your blog post to the readers as much as possible.

Check the Blog before Starting the Collaboration

Even if it seems like you have found the perfect partner, and the time has come to blow up your SEO, slow down and check the website. Analyze the following features:

  • Domain name

It should be short, clear, and easy to remember. Additionally, it must not be expired.

  • Domain history

Review it to make sure that no suspicious activity was tracked on this domain in the past.

  • Traffic

A trustworthy blog has impressive traffic, so this is what you should be looking for from your partner.

  • Link profile

Your perfect choice should be proven by a good backlink profile.

What Blogs to Avoid

When looking for guest bloggers you have definitely found blogs on dropped domains. This means the domain of the website has expired, and this website is most likely being used by SEOs to earn money. Publishing on such a website does not provide you with a guarantee of the SEO increase.

Besides, you may run across Private Blog Networks (PBN). They are built privately and do not respond to Google’s requirements. Generally, they are created to provide the original website with links.


With our guide to guest blogging, you can become a front-runner in your niche. Follow the simple steps and implement the vital tips to watch your online popularity grow!

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