Every Girl Can Relate To The Struggle Behind Clicking & Uploading The Perfect Selfie!


The selfie craze is here to stay for a long, long time! Some people do it to just belong in the crowd, some people do it to be the center of attraction and attention and some do it because they just love themselves. How much ever you may disagree, every girl puts in a hell lot of efforts to get the perfect picture when she’s looking pretty.
Here is the struggle every girl goes through to get the flawless selfie!

1) I need to check if my outfit is on point and if my makeup is still intact. I can’t click one if I’m looking ugly!

2) So should it be a normal selfie or what? Wait…it can’t be a normal selfie, how will everyone see my pretty outfit? Let’s just take a mirror selfie!

3) Is the sunlight good enough? I don’t want to look dark at all, I’m already a little dusky.

4) God the sunlight is too much…it’s reflecting the mirror and just ruining the picture!

*Finally gets the perfect sunlight after 452 minutes*

5) The background looks pathetic! I can’t have towels and undergarments hanging in my background. (Doesn’t clean the room even if her mom pleads her to but cleans it to get a perfect selfie)

6) I need to look thin so I’ll have to tuck my tummy really in, hold my breath also stand still for like 5 seconds and maintain my pose…that’s a piece of cake. *struggles and struggles*

7) Which pose should I go ahead with?

– Should I take like a full body shot?
– Should I wink? That’ll make me look really quirky!
– Or maybe I should do a tongue out pose, looks so goofy and cute.
– Umm or maybe just a wide smile and keep it simple this time…
*ends up doing a duck face*

It’s Time To Upload The Selfie!

1) I need to pick out the best one from all of these! *has to choose among the 876 selfies*

2) Maybe I should increase the brightness a bit…not so much, just a little. I want my picture to look really natural.

3) Which filter should I pick? Something that highlights my cheek bones and enhances my skin color.

4) What should my caption be? Something really bitchy or maybe like a song quote or how about something inspirational about being yourself and smiling? *inserts pretentious philosophical crap*

5) Hashtags…I need appropriate hashtags that’ll grab people’s attention!

*#nofilter #allnatural #picoftheday #ootd #instalike #instaduckface *

A lot goes into getting the faultless selfie! More than you could ever know…

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