Find Your Way Out Of 6 Amazing Escape Games At Mystery Rooms

Komal Joshi

lockeWe all love to do something that is extraordinary besides the routine schedule we have but can never figure out what. But no more worries now, as here is something exciting to do this weekend! :D


Are you a crazy fan of mysteries and escape games? Then this is the place for you to be, and even if not, then it is something new you can try for a change, we bet you’ll love it! ;)


The basic plot of the games is situations where you get locked, and your mission is to find an escape as soon as possible to win the game.


1. The Silent Legacy – Secret Of Your Ancestral Mansion:

Prove your worth to claim your ancestral house! The legacy of your family is waiting for its worthy heir since years, and you must prove why you deserve to have it.

Required team members: 4-8 players

Difficulty Level: 5/5


2. Cabin In The Woods – The Murder Mystery:

It’s Scooby-Doo kind of time! Uncover the secret behind the mysterious killings that are happening in the cursed woods of an occult forest to save the villagers.

 Required team members: 4-8 players

Difficulty Level: 5/5


3. Lockout – A Prison Break Challenge:

In this game, you are locked away for a false conviction, and now you have to break free and escape from the prison! You will have to execute the escape plan within the time when Jailer and his mates are out for an hour to attend National Day Celebrations.

Required team members: 2-8 players

Difficulty Level: 4/5


4. The Kon Of Kohinoor – Steal The Diamond From High-Security Museum:

Get your gang of thieves ready to plan and execute a perfect robbery of the precious Kohinoor diamond kept under high security in a British museum.

Required team members: 4-8 players

Difficulty Level: 4.5/5


5. A Night In Bhangarh – The Mystery Of AHaunted Fort: 

The game lets you take a thrilling tour of the home of paranormal activities, Bhangarh Fort. Overlooking the warning from ASI you enter the Bhangarh fort during the sunset which turns out to be your biggest mistake! Plan and execute an escape strategy to survive.

Required team members: 4-8 players

Difficulty Level: 5/5


6. Abduction – Escape From The Trap of Kidnappers:

Here, a terrorist organization kidnaps you to blackmail the president for your release. You being an eminent personality of the country, the president is threatened and about to make a compromise! Using your skills you have to plan an escape and execute the same before he does that.

Required team members: 2-8 players

Difficulty Level: 4.5/5


Wait no more, gear up and get adventurous!

Deets Here:

What: Escape Games @ Mystery Rooms

Where: Mystery Rooms, Mumbai

Address: 103, First Floor, Shree Krishna Tower, Opp Laxmi Industrial Estate, Link Rd, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 053

Contact:  88826 68899/79000 80346

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