Next Time You Have To Pack And Move Your House, Do It Like A Pro With These Easy Yet Unfailing Tips

Isha Shah

Life will anyway be challenging when you are planning to shift to a new house in a new vicinity or a new city. Before that comes an even bigger challenge- “the moving”. It can get tricky and messy if you are not organized. Trust me, as I’m speaking from a very recent and personal experience. Very simple and basic things needs to be paid attention to. Implement these tips, and make your life easier.

First thing first, make arrangements for the movers and packers. They are angels from above. You can find them at very competitive rates.

movers and packersf


Start to figure out the movers and packers at least 2-3 weeks before the planned move. Give them 2-3 dates for the moving day as buffer, because there are always some deviations from the ‘plans’.


moving house


On the day of moving make sure you start earlier than the movers and packers. Keep your stuff ready, or at least a noted list, as in ‘which box is going to be packed with what’. So arrange your important stuff, costly things, heavy dresses, etc.

Since they are doing a lot of work at a really cost effective rates, they are most likely to start putting stuff in the box, as soon as you say, “start”. So be a little prepared.

noted listsource

Make sure you have at least 4-5 marker pens to name the boxes being filled. Label them as “kitchen closet, son wardrobe, etc.”, so that you can put the boxes exactly at the right places. Labelling is a must! What gets you most tired is shuffling those heavy boxes from one room to another.



Ask the movers and packers to bring extra boxes and newspapers to pack. There is a possibility, that they have under estimated the belongings to be moved, because when you open your storages, both, you and the packers might just get a surprise!!

While the movers are working at packing your stuff, treat them with some snacks. A little bit of refreshment is always effective in the middle of so much clutter.



A day before the moving-date, make sure you have your cash and jewelry in a safe, a locker or a trusted family/friend’s house.

locker safesource


Keep some snacks ready. If you are a home-cooked food freak, and you have a cook, get him/her to make those snacks for you like bhakri’s and thepla’s. They are very filling, handy, and last longer. I ate so many of it, I am done with it, at least for next 6 months. Nah! Not really. Let’s face it, I am a gujju!



Try to use up all those extra bottle of shampoos and creams, or anything liquid. It could getn messy if oe of those bottles open accidentally while shifting.


Pack an overnight bag, with basic essentials, which you would require before you start unpacking your boxes in the new place.

overnite bag1source


Try not to shop extra stuff before shifting to your new place. Whether it’s clothes or groceries, lesser the better while shifting. Shifting would become easier, and so will be your organizing.

Trivial things like wires, screws, etc. become a huge headache once shifted. Keep wire organizers for all the wires, as they will get entangled if stored together. Get zip-lock pouches and put small screws etc. in it, don’t forget to name it, because it all looks the same when you unpack.

wire organisersource


Use a trusted buy & sell app for selling anything you don’t plan to take along. They’re many effective and fast apps these days, or start giving away things to your helpers or needy people.



It’s a total must to ensure that you are aware of the rules of the new place you are moving to, right from availability of elevators up to your floor, the timing for the same, are the furniture pieces allowed in it,  where to park the vehicles of movers and packers while unloading, etc.

rule booksource


To avoid confusion and cluttered life post move, try to visit the new place before shifting. Arrange for the essential amenities like domestic help, garbage picking boys, newspaper man, milk man, etc., who visit your vicinity.

helperrs2 (1)source


The best source for this information would be the security of your house, or apartment. Simply put, watchman is your best friend for the first few days. The best way would be to get them on your side with some treats like sweets/chocolates.

A little gesture like that will make sure your move-day goes smoothly without the trivial issues. Plus you might end up getting some extra help.

If you have a toddler or a pet, ensure that the nana-nani, mama-mami, chachi’s are available for at least 2 days. It’s a dangerous time for kids with all the screws and knives lying around.

indian grannysource


Get your domestic help prepared for shifting and cleaning post-shifting, the old place and the new.

Food is going to be important. Keep in mind to make arrangements for breakfast, with family or friends for the day after the move. And if you have none in the new place, get some ready-to-eat food packets, bread, tea/coffee packets, milk packets, etc. Keep some restaurant numbers handy to get food at your convenience.

First day in our new homesource


These are all recently experienced, tried and tested tips and it works wonders! All the best for the big day, because it’s a big change and challenge. Happy shifting to you!

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