This Is Exactly How Every Indian Bride And Groom Feel During Their Wedding


When it comes to weddings, it’s always about the romantic vows, the beautiful venues, nice dresses, smiling faces, sweet relatives and cute siblings, flowers, colours, and everything nice. But has anyone ever thought how difficult it becomes for you if you are getting married and that too, in India, where weddings are a load of haywire, super busy schedules, tiredness and crowded venues.

Here’s an account of Indian Weddings from the point of view of a Bride and a Groom:

The Bride Diaries

Day 1 - I got up, all dizzy from lack of sleep last night. It’s haldi day today. Yay!

All excited, I go to the bathroom but my mom asking me not to bathe, because – Haldi.

“You can bathe, only if you want to bathe again, later.”

“No, thanks!” It’s December for God’s sake, I’ll be dead!

Later that day – All covered in haldi I’m trying to remember who that woman in yellow was…

Bride HaldiSource

Day 2 Part 1 – Got up, and got my hands filled with mehendi till armpits, while being overfed Nashta by one of those over-excited siblings.

Later that day – Sat in the same position all day long while they kept clicking photos of me with tired smiles and mehendi covered limbs.

Believe me, the poses they ask of me for the photos are plain weird.

Bridal mehendiSource

Day 2 Part 2 – Sangeet night

People are dancing a lot, and trust me, it’s just my closest relatives’ performances I’m looking forward to. Unknown people’s little kids, I don’t care.

Dear uncles and aunties, I loved you even without those mugged steps from that expensive hot looking choreographer.

uncle aunty sangeetSource

Now that Salsa, I’m never doing it again in my life with you mister, you stepped on my toe, twice!

Bride SangeetSource

Day 3 – The Wedding Day Yay!

I don’t know whether I want to laugh hysterically, cry like crazy, or just eat a lot out of anxiety.

The parlour girls, 4 of them, took all the liberty to paint me multicolour, and put fake lashes on my eyes.

Bride's MakeupSource

Stood up for 3 cameras confused about which one to smile at, and continuously smiled for 4 hours with that heavy bun on my head.

Don't know where to look atSource

Forgot the meaning of words ‘sleep’ and ‘comfort’.

Later that night – Oh, time for the super embarrassing bride-groom photo shoot, yay!

Embarrassing Photo ShootSource

And in the end – All wrapped up in super heavy clothes, I look at the mister wearing shorts and curse him in my mind, scream loudly, and no one hears…

The Groom Diaries

Day 1 – Haldi???

I got up all dizzy from last night’s bachelors’ party, the one good thing about getting married. :D

And who in hell said Haldi was for the groom as well?

Groom HaldiSource

Wherever I go, I feel little pieces of mehendi under my feet, why ladies, why?

I don’t know why this 5-year-old cousin is stuck with me till the end of time!

little kid with groomSource

Day 2 – Sangeet, the day when I die

I’m getting random Whatsapp messages from her friends and cousins who are also not letting me talk to her on important matters – “Ab to shadi ke baad hi baat karne denge jeeju…hi hi hi”

It’s sangeet night, and I’m super nervous, I don’t know why on earth she wanted Salsa!

Groom SangeetSource

I’m okay, but I don’t have the slightest idea why my sister has gone mad and painted her face like Medusa…

Groom's SisterSource

Day 3 – The Wedding day, or the getting laid night…

I woke up excited, you know why, don’t lie. :P Well some of my friends will also gift me condoms in shiny packets. Thanks, you guys, I’ll kill you later. :D

Okay, I think there should be a limit on how many of those decked up relatives can get on the stage for photos.

group photosSource

And will someone tell me which camera to smile at?

Wait, do I get to keep all those envelopes? :D

Later that day – Every single person has eaten, but we are hungry, the two most important characters in the wedding, are hungry! And when we eat, it’s for the cameras.

Bride and Groom EatingSource

Ah finally, the wedding rituals are done! She’s getting all emotional but all I care about is dot dot dot… :D

Dot Dot DotSource

Hey wait, she’s still wearing those heavy clothes, let’s tease her showing my shorts. :P

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