Silly Things We All Do After Watching A Scary Movie But Would Never Admit


So you watched the Conjuring, or say The Exorcist, you’re super scared but won’t tell anyone to maintain your self-esteem. Now you’re just about to go to bed and shit scared, when there’s a knock on the window, or a knock that you just imagined, so you cover your entire body with the blanket, and pray to god that the blanket saves you, as it has done for years after you watch a horror movie.

But this is not the only absurdity we do after watching scary movies, there are a hundred other things, here are some of the most absurd and super silly things that you do after watching a scary movie.

1. Checking behind the curtains, and the cupboards every now and then, for possible paranormal existence.

behind the curtainsSource

2. Checking the wash room window again and again for someone looking at you from outside while you’re in there.

scary washroom windowSource

3. Keeping a weapon of destruction handy so you can attack anyone who comes at you.


4. Thinking that your pet is possessed.

possessed petSource

5. Oh, also, every time you go to a room, the first thing you do well be to check behind the door for a ghost!

checking behind doorsSource

6. You walk very cautiously switching on all the lights of your house middle of the night while going to the kitchen for water.

all lightsSource

7. Keeping a check on your toys to see if they’re moving.

toys movingSource

8. Closing all the doors and windows shut, very carefully, not even one latch should remain loose.

closing all doors and windowsSource

9. Looking for ghosts under your bed before going to sleep, and whenever you wake-up in between.

ghost under your bedSource

10. Covering yourself with the blanket from head to toe in case they come looking for you, because you know, blankets make you invisible, and indestructible. :P

scared under the blanketSource

11. Creepily looking at your spouse in middle of the night to check if their eyes are open without you knowing… Maybe they’re possessed, who knows!

sleeping with spouse scaredSource

12. Getting shocked when the door bells, or the phone bell rings.

door bellSource

13. Fantasising sounds of things that are actually not happening and checking all rooms again and again.


14. And when by chance the weather is windy that night, oh my god you’re so dead scared with the windows and curtains flying. :D

windy daySource

15. Trying hard to remember if that kitchen knife was already there or if someone else… brought it there…hmm interesting!


16. Keeping your phone with you all the time so that you can instantly call people in case something happens to you.


17. Washing your face super-fast so your eyes don’t remain closed for too long for the ghost to attack from behind. Oh so clever!

ghost in washroomSource

18. When switching off lights just before sleeping, you run faster than Usain Bolt to reach your bed.

going to bed after lights offSource

Bloodcurdling scenes, ghosts coming out from the back of the curtains, a lady in white, and shocking screams from the basement, all scary movies are made of this. And after watching hem, we do almost everything that is in our hands to save ourselves from ghosts. Tell us how many of these you could relate to, share with us what we missed out on and we’ll be glad to add!

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