Do You Communicate With Your Best Friend In This Secret Language?


There are friends and then there are best friends. Friends that know you in and out, their every habit and expression. You’ve established your own way to communicate with each other. You don’t even have to try hard, you just know what your friend is saying without really saying anything. So much so that sometimes words are not even needed to be spoken out loud.
So we’ve listed down a few gestures that are best understood by your best friend.

1. When someone says something silly and you can’t laugh on their face, your best friend will laugh at your rolling eyes that you do out of frustration rather than what was said.

2. That wicked smile, that evil grin they do, you know it all too well to know what shenanigan they are up to.

3. Some peculiar hand movements that you can’t stop noticing and mocking it.

4. You will spot the difference between ‘k’ and ‘ok’ and ‘okay’ and even ‘whookay’ and know precisely what means what. Those coded messages that others don’t understand

5. There are variations in ‘hello’ when he/she is happy, sad, excited, low, in a hurry, sleepy, basically for every mood.

6. You know exactly what they do once they’re high, dance, talk to random people, singing on top of their voices, making out or just drink some more. You’re always looking out for them when they’re drunk.

7. If hunger turns them into a drama queen, cranky baby, irritated. It’s your priority to get them food and end their starvation.

8. Just before an interview, or before meeting their crush from college, your friend laughs out of nervousness, you know exactly what it is for.

9. Your friend blushes when you take the name of a person whom he/she is head over heels in love with.

10. When with a group of friends there are always those private jokes that only the two of you understand and laugh, which has to end with a hi-five, and also for every time when there is a coincidence.

11. That one dance move that your friend does every time music is played. You would end up doing their dance step even before they’re about to do it.

12. Winking eyes

That naughty secret you share with him/her is sealed with a wink of an eye.

You understand what is not said in the same way your friend intends it to be. The special bond you share in your own witty way.
Share with us signs that only you and your friend understand!

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