Everything Is Better When Done Together; Be #GoodAtHeart By Being A Healthy Couple In Fun Ways


Sometimes a couple can do easily what one can’t do alone. The biggest example of such thing is to make lifestyle changes. A healthy heart comes with a healthy lifestyle, which is easier to adapt when both of you’re working on it together.

Here are just a few things you can do as a couple to stay fit together:

1. Work out together and make it a daily part of your life

Go to the gym together. It would be so much easier if there was someone to accompany you!

Work out togetherSource

2. Run together every morning

It can be so much fun, you will only get to know once you do it. Give each other targets and see how you improve daily.

Run together every morningSource

3. Plan long walks or even better, ‘cycling dates’ instead of long drives :)

Best if those walks are brisk walks and cycling includes going to work by a cycle! :P

Here’s a splendid video by Narayana Health #GoodAtHeart that will motivate you to be more active:

4. Schedule regular appointments to get your hearts screened

Want a quick scan if you’re #GoodAtHeart? Here’s an amazing and fun way!

Schedule appointmentsSource

5. Fix ‘healthy food days’ and ‘binge days’

And make sure you both keep a check on each other so that you don’t stray from the diet.

Healthy days and Binge DaysSource

6. Take trips to the spa together

The healthiest and most fun way to relax. What else would be so pleasurable!

7. Go for treks and hikes more than the usual trips

If you like to travel, the best way to shed all those useless calories is to go for treks together.

Couple TrekkingSource

8. Reserve a day in the month/week for healthy shopping

And take care what you buy. Avoid buying food products that contain excess quantity of Hydrogenated Fat, Trans Fat, etc.

Healthy shoppingSource

9. Stop each other from eating processed food, the root of all evil

Narayana Health #GoodAtHeart has something amazing to show you how you can make the right choice:

10. Limit each other’s salt intake

Salt requirement of human body is 1500 mg per day which is coming from daily cooked food. Processed food adds to the excess salt, help each other avoid it.

Salt Intake limitSource

11. Manage each other’s sleep time

We know this one’s difficult, but the least you can do is stop each other from looking into the phone while in bed, and get up early together.

Sleeping timeSource

12. Keep a diary, recording your weekly health, weight, and fitness achievements

Appreciation and recognition is the key to continuous effort, especially when it’s about health.

Keep a DiarySource

13. If you love eating out, find restaurants that serve healthy (diet) food

This way you won’t have to curb your desires to eat out, and you’ll also not deviate from your health plans.

Healthy RestaurantsSource

So how many of these tips work for you smart couples? Share with us in comments section how you keep yourselves healthy and #GoodAtHeart as a couple.

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