Convict Of The Deadliest Aircraft Bombing In History Released After 20 Years Of Imprisonment


The explosion of Air India 182 is considered as the deadliest mass murder in the Canadian history. The convict, Inderjit Singh Reyat was the only one caught for the bloodbath of 331 people aboard, who is now released. He was sentenced with 9 years of jail for protecting his co-accused. He served for that as well as for more than 15 years for placing the bombs in the plane.

This whole massacre was committed as a revenge of operation Blue-Star, whereby the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered to flush out hundreds of Sikh militants from the premises of Golden Temple. The petrifying incident not only vanished hundreds of innocents but there were families which were completely wiped out. 20 or whatever years will never pay for the loss the explosion caused. Instead, Reyat should be forced to speak up the names of the conspirators involved with him so that justice can be done.

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